What does Quarteira mean?

Quarteira was elevated to the status of cidade ( city) on 13 May 1999. Quarteira is a coastal civil parish, located along the southern extent of the Algarve fronting Albufeira Municipality to the west (in the parish of Olhos de Água ).

When did Quarteira become a city?

In the second half of the 20th century Quarteira started to grow and take advantage of its huge beach with a growing number of tourists coming to visit, as well many people buying holiday homes in the area. This growth continued and in 1999 Quarteira became recognized as a city.

What is Quarteira like to live in?

The beach of Quarteira is one of the finest of the central Algarve region, but as the town was discovered by tourism in the 1970s, it means the beach is lined with huge characterless apartment blocks.

Where is Quarteira Algarve?

Quarteira is very conveniently located, just 20km from Faro and the Algarve’s international airport. It’s a short drive that should take around 20 minutes and there’s no need to take the toll road either. If you’re not planning on hiring your own vehicle an array of taxis and private hire vehicles are available.

Where is Quarteira?

Quarteira is a coastal civil parish, located along the southern extent of the Algarve fronting Albufeira Municipality to the west (in the parish of Olhos de Água ). In addition, the local area authority is bordered in the east by Almancil, northeast by São Clemente, north by São Sebastião and Boliqueime .

Why choose Quarteira as a holiday destination?

During the summer, Quarteira has a lively and social atmosphere, and is an enjoyable holiday destination. If you want a beautiful beach, sensible prices, and great weather for your holiday, then Quarteira could be the ideal location for you. The Praia de Quarteira – The gorgeous sandy beach that extends along the entire front of Quarteira.

What to do in Quarteira?

During the peak season Quarteira is a bustling town, filled with all the facilities of a lively holiday resort. This includes a wide selection of restaurants, numerous bars and a varied range of holiday activities. According to some, it was originally a fishing village, but the remains of this fishing village are long gone.

When is the best time of year to visit Quarteira?

During the winter, Quarteira will feel very quiet, but there is a large enough permanent population that the majority of restaurants and bars remain open. Quarteira is expecting a sell-out summer season for 2022, as visitors seek holidays to safe and established destinations within Europe.

Is Quarteira a good place to stay?

Outside of the summer season, Quarteira provides excellent value for accommodation, as hotels try to compete with the more well-known beach resorts. Quarteira is a great destination for a golfing holiday, and it is only a short journey to some of Portugals finest golf courses.

Where is Quarteira?

Snuggled on the coastline between Faro and the upmarket Vilamoura is the small town of Quarteira. Originally a fishing village, it rose to prominence as a holiday resort in the 1970s and 1980s.

What to do in quateira?

It’s a unique window into the traditional Portuguese fishing industry. Praia de Quarteira is the main beach of Quateira and stretches for almost 2km alongside the town. At the western end, the beach meets Quarteira’s harbour. In the east, it gets much less hectic and blends into Praia do Almargem.

How to get from Quarteira to other Algarve towns?

Because Quarteira doesn’t have a train station (the nearest one is Loulé station), the easiest way to get to and from other Algarve towns is by bus. Eva Bus provides services to other towns on the Algarve including Faro, Loulé, Almancil, and Vilamoura.

Where is Quarteira? Quarteira is part of the Loulé municipality down in the central region of the Algarve. It is 22km (14 miles) west of Faro Airport (also known as the Algarve Airport) and is a very popular tourist destination because if’t great location.

What is Quarteira famous for?

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