What does RecRec do?

REC is a member-owned utility that provides electric service to nearly 170,000 connections in portions of 22 Virginia counties from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the tidal waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Our employees are your neighbors, and your community is also our community.

How is rec governed?

REC is governed by a nine-member board of trustees, all of whom are members of the Cooperative. REC is dedicated to provide dependable electric power, service and programs to enhance the quality of life in rural areas.

How do I pay my eastern Iowa REC Bill?

Eastern Iowa REC offers a variety of bill payment options. Pay in person, use the secure drop box at one of our four service centers, pay by phone, or use the automatic or budget billing payment plan. You can also use Smart Hub.

Why choose eastern Iowa REC?

Eastern Iowa REC has been providing affordable, reliable, and safe electrical service to rural customers for decades. Keep up to date with our News & Events here! Electricity can be very powerful and very helpful, but only if important, basic safety measured are followed. Learn about Eastern Iowa REC’s mission to make safety a top priority!

Who is RecRec Zürich?

In 1979 Veit Stauffer and Daniel Waldner founded RecRec Zürich in Switzerland, after suggestions from Chris Cutler that they establish a record distribution company similar to the British independent record label Recommended Records that Cutler had created the previous year.

Is RecRec Music still in business?

The label was split into two companies, RecRec-Shop, the record shop, and RecRec Medien AG, the distributor, with two new labels, Make-Up and Make-Up Your World. The companies continue to operate today, although with a different musical emphasis to that of RecRec Music.

What is the difference between parks and Recreation and the office?

Another distinction from The Office is while almost all footage from that show is filmed in a workplace setting, the documentary crew on Parks and Recreation regularly follows the characters into more intimate, non-work settings, such as on dates or at their homes. Parks and Recreation also makes frequent use of the jump cut technique.

What is another name for the Department of Parks and Recreation?

For a list of parks and recreation departments, see Department of Parks and Recreation. Parks and Recreation (also known as Parks and Rec) is an American political satire mockumentary sitcom television series created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur.

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