Morbius post credit scene

morbius post credit scene

Does Spider-Man appear in Morbius post-credits scene?

A character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe makes a surprise appearance in not one but two post-credits scenes at the end of Sony’s “Morbius.” Get the full experience. Choose your plan Is it Spider-Man? Any Spider-Man? Tom? Tobey? Andrew? No. But it is someone who knows Spider-Man.

Does Morbius have spoilers in the end credits?

This article contains Morbius spoilers. Ever since Marvel Studios began the tradition of including extra scenes during or after the end credits of its films–starting with the now legendary appearance of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man –such bonus content is considered mandatory.

How many post-credits scenes does vulture appear in Morbius?

The Vulture, aka Adrian Toomes, only appears in the film’s two post-credits scenes, which are both so brief that it’s unclear why they weren’t just combined into a single scene. Before Morbius was released, many fans were confused as to how and why Vulture was even in a movie that wasn’t set in the MCU.

What happens in the post-credits scene of the fate of the Furious?

The first post-credits scene then comes to an abrupt end. The second post-credits scene depicts Michael Morbius (played by Jared Leto) being approached by Toomes, who has somehow managed to perfectly replicate his Vulture suit despite having no access to the Chitauri technology that he originally used to create it.

Does Spider-Man exist in Morbius’s universe?

No, as far as we know, Spider-Man does not exist in Morbius’ universe. So Morbius should probably be asking Vulture a lot of followup questions like, “Who is Spider-Man?” and, “Why do I care about him?” Also, Morbius has been the hero of the movie up until this point.

Does Morbius have an end credit scene?

Morbius, the new Sony film set in the Spider-Man universe, was just released in theaters and, if you make it to the end, you’ll be rewarded with two of the most shocking end credit scenes in memory. But not because of how cool or exciting they are.

Are Morbius post-credits scenes connecting Spider-Man to the MCU?

However, the Morbius post-credits scenes might deliver a direct link to Spider-Man: No Way Home and the rest of the MCU. It’s also a very strange link, if the post-credits information is accurate — one that will defy logic in multiple ways.

How many post-credits scenes does Spider-Man have?

Well, leave it to us to pick apart not one but two post-credits scenes that, if anything, make Sonys Spider-Man universe even more convoluted.

Does Morbius have a post-credits scene?

Does Morbius Have a Post-Credits Scene? Morbius Mid-Credits Scenes Explained Morbius has two mid-credits scenes, the first of which directly ties into the ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Why does Vulture want to form a team with Morbius?

In what’s evidently a prearranged meet, Vulture tells Morbius that he’s read up on him since arriving in this universe, a fantastical happening he presumes Spider-Man had something to do with. Vulture tells Morbius that guys like them should form a team in order to do “some good.” Morbius responds that he finds the offer interesting.

Will there be a Morbius movie?

Morbius is an upcoming American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, produced by Columbia Pictures in association with Marvel and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. It is intended to be the second film in Sonys Marvel Universe.

Is Morbius set in the MCU?

When the first trailers for Morbius debuted, they included a building mural of Spider-Man that strongly suggested – along with the appearance of Michael Keaton – the film took place in the MCU. However, the final version of Morbius has scrubbed most of the Spidey references glimpsed in the trailers.

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