Corolla hybrid

corolla hybrid

Is there a hybrid version of the Toyota Corolla?

The 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid is all-new, joining the regular Corolla sedan, which was redesigned for 2020, and the Corolla Hatchback, which debuted for 2019; see them compared. It competes against other compact hybrids, including the Honda Insight sedan and Hyundai Ioniq hatchback; see them compared.

How much does a 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid cost?

Corolla Hybrid Specials Discover local specials and limited time offers today. View Offers Find Your Corolla Hybrid Compare Models 2022 Hybrid LE $23,650

Is Toyota’s Corolla hybrid fuel-efficient?

For years, if you wanted a fuel-efficient Toyota hybrid, your choices were the somewhat dorky Prius hatchback or a more expensive option like a Camry, RAV4 or Highlander. Two years ago, the big T debuted the Corolla Hybrid — an electrified version of one of the best-selling cars of all time.

Why is the Toyota Corolla hybrid limited to a base-level trim?

Toyota has a simple reason for limiting the Corolla Hybrid to a base-level trim: the Toyota Prius. Available in a range of trim levels and a long list of luxury, convenience, and technology features, the five-door Prius also has a roomier cabin and slightly better gas mileage than the Corolla Hybrid sedan.

Does the 2020 corolla have a hybrid option?

Fresh off revealing the completely redesigned 2020 Corolla, Toyota announced that a hybrid version would also be part of the new Corolla line — the first hybrid Corolla ever available to U.S. shoppers. The move makes sense given the Corolla shares a platform with the Prius hybrid and Toyota has many hybrid variants of mainstream models.

Is the Toyota Corolla Hatchback more comfortable than the sedan?

The hatchback model has less rear legroom than the sedan, but overall, you can find more comfortable seats in the Corollas lineup than in the Corolla Hybrid. Some hybrids lose cargo space to make room for their electric batteries.

How safe is the Toyota Corolla hybrid?

Every new Corolla Hybrid is built with our Star Safety System ™, an advanced integration of safety technologies designed to enhance traction, braking and more. Armed with these safety features, Corolla Hybrid helps you avoid accidents in the first place. Not every car provides this level of safety, just every Corolla Hybrid.

How many mpg does a Toyota Corolla hybrid get?

With an EPA-estimated 52 combined mpg, [epa_2021_corolla_hybrid] the highest ever for Corolla, you can go farther in everything you do. The efficiencies of a hybrid, paired with a modern exterior and smart interior. A bundle of active safety features [tss] standard on every new Corolla at no additional cost.

How Much Does the Toyota Corolla Cost? The 2022 Toyota Corolla has a $20,075 starting price, which is about average for the compact car class. The price climbs to $28,360 for the range-topping Corolla XSE Apex Edition. Check out our U.S. News Best Price Program for great savings at your local Toyota dealer.

Is there a hybrid version of the Toyota Corolla?

Is the Toyota Corolla a good car?

The Toyota Corolla aims to be a cheap-enough car to run on fuel and tax, though finance costs can be relatively high depending on which trim and engine choice you plump for. Nonetheless, the hybrid engines are quite economical, especially if the car is driven mostly at urban speeds.

How many mpg does a Toyota Corolla get?

Petrol engines. 39.4 - 44.8 mpg. Hybrid petrol engines. 50.4 - 62.8 mpg. Corolla promises low fuel and tax bills against rivals. Mid-sized 1.8-litre has highest economy, lowest emissions. Even non-hybrid 1.2-litre turbo won’t cost the earth to run. The Toyota Corolla aims to be a cheap-enough car to run on fuel and tax, ...

What is the power of the Toyota Corolla hybrid?

Power in the Corolla Hybrid sees a 72kW/142Nm 1.8-litre Atkinson Cycle four-cylinder petrol engine teamed with a 53kW/163Nm synchronous permanent magnet electric motor, for a system power output of 90kW. Toyota doesn’t quote combined torque figures for its hybrids.

What is the fuel economy of a Toyota Hybrid?

As an example, a B-segment Toyota Hybrid such as the dynamic Corolla Hybrid boasts fuel economy as low as 3.4l /100km. And because all Toyota Hybrids are self-charging, they feature regenerative braking technology, which means electricity produced when you brake or coast is stored in the battery.

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