Af algarve

af algarve

Why visit Portugals Algarve?

Portugals most southerly region offers historical attractions in former Moorish capital Silves and fascinating Tavira, great golf, fabulous beaches from Praia da Luz to Armacao de Pera, thermal springs at Caldas de Monchique, and miles of limestone caves and grottoes, cliffs and bays along its rugged coastline. Start planning for Algarve

What does AF Algarve mean?

The Associação de Futebol do Algarve (Algarve Football Association) is one of the 22 District Football Associations that are affiliated to the Portuguese Football Federation. The AF Algarve administers lower tier football in the district of Faro.

What is the Algarve like?

The Algarve is one of the most developed regions of Portugal and, with a GDP per capita at 86% of the European Union average, the third-richest (behind Lisbon and Madeira).

Where to stay in Algarve?

A view of Vilamoura, its marina and hotels. Accommodation in Algarve ranges from high-rise resorts in places such as Albufeira, Vilamoura, Praia da Rocha and Armação de Pêra to apartment rental, bed and breakfast, hostels and traditional guesthouses located in small towns and villages, both inland and alongside Algarve coast.

Why visit the Algarve?

Why visit the Algarve? The Algarve is considered by many to be the “Florida of Europe” — sunny, located in the southern part of Portugal, and relatively inexpensive as compared to other beach destinations. Plus, it’s safe and very relaxing.

What are the best places to visit in Portugal?

And the cities. Silves preserves traces of its Arab past and Lagos from the time of the Discoveries. More cosmopolitan Portimão and Albufeira are bustling towns by night and day. Tavira is a showcase for traditional architecture and Faro, the gateway to the region, deserves a long stop to discover its beautiful historic centre.

Why book a golf holiday in the Algarve?

El Algarve siempre ha sido uno de mis destinos preferidos de vacaciones. Repeatedly considered to be the best golfing destination in the world by magazines devoted to the sport and by international associations of specialist tour operators, the Algarve lives up to this (...)

What is it like to live in Portugal?

And there are also the mountains, where people live in harmony with nature and maintain traditions that they love to share. And the cities. Silves preserves traces of its Arab past and Lagos from the time of the Discoveries. More cosmopolitan Portimão and Albufeira are bustling towns by night and day.

Whats it like to live in the Algarve?

We’ll cover the cost of living, the best places to settle down, integrating into the expat community and other helpful tips for enjoying this area of Portugal. What’s it like to live in the Algarve, Portugal? The Algarve is known for its sunny weather, long summers, great food, and popularity with tourists.

Why choose the Algarve for your holiday?

- Best beach - For families - Day trips The Algarve is the beautiful southern coastline of Portugal. It is a region blessed with glorious sandy beaches, picturesque fishing towns and a glorious climate, all of which combine to create the perfect holiday destination.

What are the best Algarve resorts to visit?

Albufeira is the most popular resort town of the Algarve, and this is because it excels at everything wanted for a holiday destination. The beach is massive, there are great holiday activities and the pretty old town is crammed full of restaurants, shops and bars.

What is the Algarve?

The region coincides with Faro District and is subdivided into two zones, one to the West ( Barlavento) and another to the East ( Sotavento ). Tourism and related activities are extensive and make up the bulk of the Algarves summer economy.

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