Zoomarine tickets

zoomarine tickets

What is included in the entrance ticket to Zoomarine?

The entrance ticket to Zoomarine allows the use of all the activities, namely presentations, 4D Cinema, aquarium, attractions and Zoomarine Beach. The ticket does not include Dolphin Emotions experiences, transportation services, restaurants & merchandising and other complementary services available inside the park.

How much is the bus from Portimão to Zoomarine?

Zoomarine – Theme Park Ticket Type Price Ticket Type Monte Gordo & Tavira Bus Price 11.00 € 9.90 € Ticket Type Vilamoura & Quarteira Bus Price 9.00 € 8.10 € Ticket Type Lagos & Luz Bus Price 11.00 € 9.90 € Ticket Type Portimão, Praia da Rocha & A ... Price 9.00 € 8.10 € 4 more rows ...

Whats new at Zoomarine this year?

The Zoomarine theme park reopens this year on the 6th March with a lot of news, as usual. Besides all the variety that it has had us used to, such as dolphin shows, macaw shows, beach, pools, slides, pirates and rapid rivers filled with life size dinosaurs, now there are more rides to complement the central area of the park.

What is there to do at Zoomarine?

At Zoomarine there is a varied selection of restaurants where you can find all kinds of meals. There are also picnic areas with tables and benches arranged in some areas of the park. Zoomarine has a free public parking space. We recommend that you do not let objects inside the vehicle and check that all windows and doors are properly closed.

How to participate in the Zoomarine session?

Entrance to the Zoomarine theme park is included in the participation ticket. It is mandatory to present an Identity Card or Passport to confirm the age of the participants. The spectators will remain in a place adjacent to the lagoon where the session takes place, having no access to the dolphins.

How do I get a Zoomarine electronic ticket?

The Zoomarine Electronic Ticket can be presented directly at the park entrance in digital format (smartphone) or printed format (paper). To enjoy all we have to offer we recommend you spend at least one full day at the park.

What is an promotional code for Zoomarine?

Promotional codes are valid exclusively for Zoomarine entrance tickets. Promotional campaigns cannot be combined with other current discounts or promotions. Entrance to the Zoomarine theme park is included in the participation ticket. It is mandatory to present an Identity Card or Passport to confirm the age of the participants.

Is Zoomarine theme park accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Keep the most important objects safe. Zoomarine theme park is accessible to people with reduced mobility where they can attend to zoological presentations, attractions and other leisure and fun areas. Some attractions, amusements and experiences, given their nature and safety rules, may impose restrictions to their use.

The distance between Portimão and Zoomarine is 20 km. The road distance is 27.1 km. How do I travel from Portimão to Zoomarine without a car? The best way to get from Portimão to Zoomarine without a car is to line 57 bus which takes 39 min and costs €3 - €5.

How to get from Albufeira to Zoomarine?

Whats new at Zoomarine Park?

The waterpark areas of Zoomarine have increased and now as well as the beach area, complete with wave pool, sand area with loungers, shades and cabanas and water slides, there is now Treasure Island. Treasure Island is an ideal space for younger visitors to the park with low slides, shallow waters and lots of surprises around every corner.

Where to buy cheap tickets for Zoomarine?

Online Shop for Zoomarine Tickets – Buy cheap tickets for Zoomarine here. Algarve Fun are an authorised ticket seller for Zoomarine and are one of the largest ticket companies in Portugal so you can you be confident you will always get the best price and service from us. We look forward to helping you!

When does Zoomarine close for the winter?

In recent years Zoomarine has been closing for the winter months but for 2017 the park will remain open for longer and will not close until 26 th November. This is great news for those travelling to the Algarve in the autumn months who are looking for some great family entertainment.

What can you do at Zoomarine?

Watch as the Zoomarine dolphins, sea lions and birds interact naturally with their trainers and see the majestic marine mammals both above and below the water thanks to the pools with transparent sides.

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