What is the Belvedere?

The Belvedere is a World Heritage Site, a Baroque jewel, and the site of the Austrian State Treaty. It is both one of the oldest museums in the world and a venue for contemporary art.

How to get to the Belvedere Museum?

We encourage you to go green when planning your visit: the Belvedere is easily reached by public transportation, and offers as well a charging station for electric cars, a city bike station, and bicycle racks in the immediate vicinity. The museum aims to be easily accessible to everyone.

What happened to the Belvedere in Paris?

After the fair, the building, which received the Grand Prix dArchitecture, was adapted for museum purposes and rebuilt in the Schweizer Garten, opening in 1962 as the Museum of the Twentieth Century. The Baroque gardens of the Belvedere rank among the most beautiful in the world.

What is the Belvedere 21?

Today, the Belvedere 21 is a is a thriving art space and meeting place within Viennas urban district of the future. The building is considered an architectural icon of post-war Modernism.

What is a belvedere in architecture?

A belvedere / ˈbɛlvɪdɪər / or belvidere (from Italian for fair view) is an architectural structure sited to take advantage of a fine or scenic view. While a belvedere may be built in the upper part of a building, the actual structure can be of any form, whether a turret, a cupola, or an open gallery.

What is the difference between a belvedere and a turret?

Belvedere (structure) While a belvedere may be built in the upper part of a building the actual structure can be of any form, whether a turret, a cupola, or an open gallery. Or it may be a separate pavilion in a garden, or the term may be used for a paved terrace with a good viewpoint, but no actual building.

What county is Belvedere in?

Prior to the creation of Greater London in 1965, Belvedere was in the administrative county of Kent . The area which is today known as Belvedere was for centuries part of Lessness Heath, the eastern parts of a narrow high ridge which stretches from the area of Lesnes Abbey to Erith.

How did belvedere tower get its name?

Eardley constructed a large wooden tower (see Belvedere (structure)) on the heath to gain views over his estate to the river Thames, giving the area its name from the Italian beautiful view.

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What happened to Le Belvédère?

The charming, eclectic museum in the French composer’s house at Montfort-l’Amaury has been abruptly closed and its future is in doubt Le Belvédère is a rare and precious tribute …

What is Le Belvédère in Paris famous for?

A n eccentric little house called Le Belvédère – shaped like a narrowboat and perched on the edge of the small town of Montfort-l’Amaury, 40km south-west of Paris – is among the world’s most rare and enchanting musical museums: the Musée Maurice Ravel.

Why was the Belvedere Palace in Vienna built?

The Baroque palace complex was built as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy . The Belvedere was built during a period of extensive construction in Vienna, which at the time was both the imperial capital and home to the ruling Habsburg dynasty.

What makes the Upper Belvedere so special?

Amongst other treasures, the Upper Belvedere holds the world’s greatest collection of paintings by Gustav Klimt. Built by world-renowned Baroque architect Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt, Lower (‘Unteres’) Belvedere where Prince Eugene lived was completed in 1716 and Upper (‘Oberes’) Belvedere – so named because it sits on higher ground – in 1724.

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