Lux charters algarve

lux charters algarve

Are there any boat charters in the Algarve?

We offer the very best in Boat Charters and Party Boat Cruises across the Algarve. Come on board the Sunseeker Boat Hire in Vilamoura and enjoy a perfect getaway with a stunning view of the Algarve Coastline on this beautiful Boat Charter.

Why book a luxury cruise to the Algarve?

The Algarve is a stunning location and a Luxury cruise is the perfect way to experience the amazing coastline. Algarve Luxury Charters and cruises mostly depart from Vilamoura in the Central Algarve and a range of options are available.

Why choose Azure luxury charters Vilamoura?

Boat Charters Vilamoura - Azure Luxury Charters is your best choice! We see ourselves in the people business delivering unforgettable experiences. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and quality of service to ensure your day with us is perfect.

Why choose Atlantis boat charter in Portugal?

Whatever your taste is, Atlantis boat charter caters for all. The sophisticated and sleek Atlantis / Gobbi 47 Boat Charter is ideal to enjoy a boat cruise and yacht charter along the beautiful coastline of the Algarve from the Vilamoura Marina, Portugal.

Can I rent a boat in the Algarve without a skipper?

Yes, it is possible to rent a boat in the Algarve with or without a skipper . However, you should look up the laws regarding licences if you plan on a bareboat charter, as for boats longer than 15 m (49.2 ft) or with a maximum speed of more than 6.5 knots (12 kmph/7.5 mph), you will need a boating licence.

What can you do on a private trip to the Algarve?

See one of the wonders of the Algarve on a private trip! We offer a variety of luxury sailing charters, sit back, relax and enjoy your day! We offer a variety of luxury powerboat charters, sit back, relax and enjoy your day!

When to go for a boat charter in the Algarve?

When you want to go for your boat charter in the Algarve depends on a number of different factors. If you like hot weather, you will want to go during the summer months, when the temperatures are high, the sea is warm and the water is perfect for swimming.

Why choose Algarve yachts?

We built a Catamaran with a larger capacity, 2 Sailing Yachts and now we also have a Power Boat specially made for dolphin search. Our motivation remains the same, to provide our guests a perfect day at the sea, while comfortably enjoying the rocky landscape and the unique beaches Algarve has to offer.

How do I book a boat charter from Vilamoura?

Book your charter securely using PayPal or a credit card, with no additional fees. Confirm your desired date instantly. Below are some of the procedures and policy changes we have made to ensure you can confidently book and enjoy your boat charters from Vilamoura. Our priority is your safety and comfort.

Why hire a private yacht in the Algarve?

Private yacht hire is the perfect way to enjoy the calm water, cooler temps, and the stunning beauty of the Algarve coastline. Watch the sun melt into the azure sea - the perfect special setting for a wedding proposal or anniversary.

What is a private yacht charter?

Your Welfare – Your cruise is a private yacht charter with only your own family or personal group on board. Cruising out in the Algarve sun, with fresh sea air, on a private yacht sanitized to the highest possible level, is likely one of the safest places on the planet!

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