F1 tickets

f1 tickets

How much do Formula 1 tickets cost in 2022?

Formula 1 tickets for races during the 2022 season are found in a price range between $21.00 and $27825.00. The average price for a ticket to a single race during the 2022 season is around $1472.31.

What is F1 experiences?

As part of the F1 Experiences brand, we are proud to be an official Formula 1 partner and thrilled to offer unprecedented access to all races on the Formula One World Championship calendar. Grand Prix Events is your one stop shop for all your Formula 1 needs!

How much does a Formula 1 Grand Prix ticket cost?

A three-day weekend general admission pass to a Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend will usually start around $125 to $225. Single-day general admission passes are generally anywhere from $100 to $180 for the race on Sunday. Single-day GA tickets for Friday practice or Saturday qualifying will be cheaper than what is found on race day.

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What are the F1 tickets available in 2022?

The 2022 season begins in Bahrain on March 20 and ends in Abu Dhabi on November 20. What kinds of F1 tickets are available in 2022? General Admission: The cheapest race tickets provide entry to the circuit but without a reserved seat. The General Admission offer varies considerably by race.

Where can I find out more about Formula 1 tickets?

To find out more, head to our Formula 1 Tickets page. You can explore every race on the F1 calendar, and the ticketing options currently available. The cheapest way to see a Formula 1 race is by booking a general admission ticket.

How to go to a Formula 1 race?

You can explore every race on the F1 calendar, and the ticketing options currently available. The cheapest way to see a Formula 1 race is by booking a general admission ticket. These give you roaming access to specified areas of the circuit, but will often get you as close to the circuit as you can get.

Are tickets on sale for the 2022 United States Grand Prix?

Tickets & packages are not yet on sale for the 2022 United States Grand Prix. Prices below will be updated when sales begin. The US dollar remains strong relative to most major currencies, making a trip to the States fairly expensive for most travelers, especially post-Brexit Brits.

How much does it cost to go to a Grand Prix?

At a race like the Austrian Grand Prix, two adults and two children can book the entire weekend in a popular grandstand for less than £500. That works out at £42 per person, per day. That’s the same as the average price of a Premier League football ticket, and cheaper than the average West End theatre ticket (£49.25).

How much are Formula 1 grandstand tickets?

Compared to a music festival like Glastonbury, where tickets cost £270 in 2020, that’s a great deal. Grandstands are strategically placed to ensure you get the best view of the race where the action happens. They’ll be placed near corners so you can see the cars racing each other, as well as lining long straights.

How much do F1 tickets cost in Austin?

F1 tickets for the US Grand Prix in Austin are by no means the most expensive, but it would be nice to see more lower priced options to attract casual fans. General admission is a good budget option though and elsewhere great views from the grandstands helps to take the sting out of the higher priced tickets. 3-day General Admission $189

Why choose Grand Prix events?

Grand Prix Events offers premium travel and motorsport ticket services to all Formula 1 Grand Prix destinations. Whether travelling as an individual or as part of a group, we provide you with a first-class experience from start to finish. Grand Prix tickets available for all Formula 1 races Formula 1 Paddock Club and other VIP hospitality available

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