Bmw i4

bmw i4

What makes the BMW i4 so special?

The first all-electric Gran Coupé, the BMW i4 delivers outstanding dynamics with a high level of comfort and the ideal qualities to make it your daily driver. The five-door model comes equipped with fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology for sporty performance figures.

What is the range of the new BMW i4?

BMW i4 Officially Coming in 2021 with 523 HP Range, Charging, and Battery Life BMW says the single-motor, rear-drive i4 eDrive40 will have the ability to travel up to 300 miles on a full battery.

Is the BMW i4 an electric Tesla?

The i4 is all-electric. The result is a car from BMW thats aimed squarely at Teslas Model 3. Its similar in size to the Model 3 and offers similar levels of range and performance across a pair of models.

What is the BMW i4 edrive40?

The BMW i4 is an all-new electric sedan that is expected to compete against the Tesla Model 3 and other mid-size EV sedans when it finally hits showrooms in 2022. While the German automaker has revealed starting prices for the eDrive40 and the higher-performance M50, were still waiting to hear the full list of standard and optional features.

Is the BMW i4 an electric car?

While BMW’s first electric car, the outlandish-looking BMW i3 , was designed from the ground up to run on electricity, the i4 looks like what it essentially is: an electric version of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. As far as we’re concerned, that close relationship is a very good thing indeed.

Whats the difference between the BMW i4 and the I4?

Both feature an 80.7-kWh battery pack, but while the rear-drive version boasts an estimated driving range of around 300 miles, the all-wheel-drive i4 offers 245 miles of range. Whats New for 2022?

Does the BMW i4 have driver-free autonomy?

The BMW i4 will come with Level 2 driver assistance features. The car doesnt come close to offering full driver-free autonomy, but what it does have does take the pressure off the driver for a more relaxed and easy ride. Those features include lane keeping, blind-spot detection, emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control.

How much battery does the BMW i4 have?

Both i4 models use a sizeable 83.9kWh lithium-ion battery pack that BMW has somehow managed to shoehorn under the floor. Not that you can tell it’s packing such impressive electric tech from the outside – aside from a solid plastic grille, aerodynamic alloy wheels and a smattering of blue highlights, there isn’t much to mark the i4 out as an EV.

Both feature an 80.7-kWh battery pack, but while the rear-drive version boasts an estimated driving range of around 300 miles, the all-wheel-drive i4 offers 245 miles of range. Whats New for 2022?

What is the range of the BMW i4 Gran Coupe?

The BMW i4 Gran Coupe models offer impressive range – up to 301 miles in the i4 eDrive40, and 270 miles in the i4 M50 when driving under ideal conditions. How long does a BMW i4 require for charging? The amount of time required to charge a BMW i4 Gran Coupe varies depending on the power source.

What is the range of a BMW i4 battery?

What is the difference between the BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3?

If we compare the entry-level versions of the BMW i4 and the Tesla Model 3, we would notice that the effective price of both is similar (small advantage to the Model 3). The Tesla Model 3 RWD has a much smaller battery. However, thanks to much better efficiency, its EPA range is only slightly lower.

Is the BMW i4 fully electric?

The BMW i4 is the fully electric version of the new 4-series Gran Coupe sedan. Its being built on the same assembly line, alongside its ICE (internal combustion engine) twin. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU...

Is the BMW i4 a Tesla killer?

Its not a Tesla killer, but the effective price is comparable, and specs appear solid. The BMW i4 is coming to the U.S. in Q1 2022 in two versions (eDrive40 and sporty M50) with an EPA range of up to 301 miles (484 km).

Can you compare the I4 M50 to the Tesla Model 3 SR+?

This may not be a scientific test, but its an interesting comparison of the i4 M50 and the Model 3 SR+ on this users daily commute. If youre considering a switch from an electric vehicle to a newer model, no test is more conclusive than being able to replicate your daily driving habits with the car youre planning on buying.

The eDrive40 (pictured in white), delivers one motor and rear-wheel drive, 335bhp and a claimed range of 367 miles. While the mighty M50 (pictured in grey), is a 537bhp twin-motor all-wheel drive machine that also happens to be the first ever all-electric M-car. Does the i4 use the same technology as the iX?

What is included in the I4 edrive40 premium package?

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