What is vecteezy and how does it work?

Learn more. Vecteezy is one of many platforms that provide digital graphics and imagery developed by artists across the globe. These graphics are well licensed so that users can use them for their designs and commercial purpose.

Is vectorportal better than vecteezy?

VectorPortal’s graphics quality might not be close to Vecteezy’s quality, but it is worth it since it’s free. And if you’re only getting started, VectorPortal’s blog has great educational content that can help teach users to create illustrations and make attractive graphics with the help of resources you can find within the platform.

What is the difference between vecteezy and freepik?

Compared to Vecteezy, Freepik mostly focuses on vectors, photos, PSD files, and even icons. However, they also feature everything else you might occasionally need, such as collections. But Freepik has something Vecteezy doesn’t have, and it’s integrated tools such as flaticon, slidesgo, storyset, and webpik.

What is the best vecteezy alternative?

StockUnlimited is the best Vecteezy alternative because it has a lot more to offer. Not only does it have a larger vector library, but it also provides more versatility to the users. On top of that, StockUnlimited’s built-in editor is a lot easier to use, and it feels a lot smoother when you use it within compatible browsers.

Why choose vecteezy for your design projects?

At Vecteezy we understand that the creative path is never straight. We aim to provide designers with the resources they need to do their best work, wherever they are in the creative process. With fresh photography and vector illustrations by our fantastic creative community and worry-free licensing, we want to help you create with confidence.

What are people saying about vecteezy?

The cost (free) is what brings you to Vecteezy. The quality of the products will keep you coming back for more. I use vecteezy to download digital images for designs that would fit my customers needs and I love how easy and the variety of images vecteezy has. We love it... we subscribe, and you should too... find the art you need.

Is vecteezy safe to use?

Not only is Vecteezy easy to use, but it’s also safe as well, backed by top brands on the market. You can use available images for free without fear of any issues; the brand simply requests that you credit it as the source. If you sign up for a subscription, you’ll get even more access to exclusive content!

How much do you make on vecteezy for vectors?

I dont have any vectors but have photos and videos which I see they sell on the site. Anyone a contributor on Vecteezy and can share your experience? Thanks. we use the pay-per-download model, where you earn $5.00 per 1,000 downloads for vectors and photos, and $10.00 per 1,000 downloads for video So $0,005 per photo and $0,010 per video.

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