Sephora near me

sephora near me

What are the top 10 Sephora locations in San Francisco?

1. Sephora Laurel Village 2. Sephora Powell Street 3. Sephora San Francisco Centre 4. Sephora Union Street 5. Sephora Embarcadero 6. Sephora Stonestown Galleria 7. Sephora JCPenney at Serramonte Center 8. Sephora Daly City 9. Sephora Emeryville

What are the hours of operation at Sephora?

Mon to Wed: 10am - 5pm. Thu and Fri: 9am - 9pm. Sat and Sun: 10am - 5pm. Services Available: Sephora Makeup Services, Benefit Brow Bar. Book Service.

Where is the nearest Sephora to Doncaster?

Here’s how to locate your nearest Sephora. Shop G008/9 Westfield Doncaster 619 Doncaster Road and Williamsons Rd, Doncaster VIC.

How do I contact Sephora Westfield Doncaster shopping town?

Its suggested that you visit the official site or call the contact number at +61 2 8880 9446 to get further details about Sephora Westfield Doncaster Shopping Town, Melbourne holiday business times.

Where is Sephora located in Melbourne?

Kindly visit or the Sephora App for more details. Sephora currently occupies a space in Westfield Doncaster Shopping Town located on Williamsons Road, approximately a 14.6 km driving distance east of the centre of Melbourne, in Doncaster ( by Westfield Doncaster and Doncaster Primary School ).

When does the New Sephora open in the UK?

The grand opening of the new Sephora location will take place on the 18 September 2018. Check back here regularly for possible adjustments to the opening date.

How many Sephora stores are there worldwide?

Sephora in numbers: 17 000 products offered in around 300 stores in France and 2,000 worldwide, 30,000 employees, including 4,000 in France. 1. Select country ... Canada Mexico South America United States

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