Rayan marrocos

rayan marrocos

What happened to Rayan in Morocco?

The operation to save the boy named Rayan, who fell to the bottom of the well in northern Morocco, reached a critical stage on Friday, as Moroccans and others across North Africa breathlessly followed the rescue on live streams.

Who was little Rayan?

Hundreds of Moroccans have gathered to pay their last respects to little Rayan, the five-year-old boy who died after being trapped in a well for four days.

What happened to Rayan Awram?

Hundreds of mourners gathered to pay respects to a boy whose fate had gripped the nation Hundreds of mourners have gathered in Morocco for the funeral of Rayan Awram, the five-year-old boy who died on Saturday several days after falling into a well.

What did Moroccos King Mohammed VI say about the Rayan family?

Moroccos King Mohammed VI sent his condolences to the Awram family and praised both the rescue crews and local community for their valiant efforts over the past week. Supportive messages were also shared online as the hashtag #SaveRayan trended on Twitter.

Where is Rayan from Morocco?

Moroccan crews work to rescue five-year-old boy Rayan, who is trapped in a deep well for over two days, near Bab Berred in Morocco, on Feb 3, 2022. AFP - Getty Images

What happened to Rayan El Rayan?

On Tuesday, February 1, the preschooler fell into a 32-meter (104-foot) deep well in the northern hill town of Chefchaouen, Morocco. The diameter of the wells opening was a mere eighteen inches which prevented rescuers from reaching down the shaft to rescue Rayan, who was injured from the fall.

What happened to the 5 year old boy in Morocco?

A 5-year-old boy who was trapped for four days in a deep well in Morocco has died, the royal palace said Saturday. Moroccan King Mohammed VI expressed his condolences to the boy’s parents in a statement released by the palace. The boy, Rayan, was pulled out Saturday night by rescuers after a lengthy operation that captivated global attention.

How dangerous is the Rayan rescue operation?

For the last four days since the accident, rescuers were delicately removing rocks on Saturday as they dug towards Rayan, a dangerous operation constantly imperilled by the threat of landslides.

How did Rayan Awram die?

Rayan Awram, a five-year-old Moroccan boy who had been trapped for more than four days in a dry, 105-foot well, was pulled out dead after a failed rescue attempt. According to local sources, he fell down the well on his family’s property near the town of Ighran in the Chefchaouen region on Tuesday night.

What happened to Rayan Oram?

“Following the tragic accident which cost the life of the child Rayan Oram, His Majesty King Mohammed VI called the parents of the boy who died after falling down the well,” a statement from the royal court said.

What happened to Rayan in Morocco?

Parents of 5-year-old Rayan walk towards the tunnel as their sons body was being retrieved, after he fell into a hole and was stuck there for several days, in the village of Ighran in Moroccos Chefchaouen province. AP.

Who are Rayan Awram parents?

Age, Parents, Morocco, family, School Rayan Awram died when he was five years old, thus we may assume he was born in 2017. Khaled Oram, his father, and Wasima, his mother, are his parents. With his family, he lives in Ighran in the Chefchaouen region, northern Morocco.

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