Champions league sorteio

champions league sorteio

What is the date of the 2023 Champions League?

Onde é a final de 2023? A 68ª edição da principal competição de clubes da Europa, a 31ª desde que foi alterada para UEFA Champions League, começa a 21 de Junho de 2022 e disputa-se até 10 de Junho de 2023. As datas estão sujeitas a alterações.

What are the best clubs to play in the Champions League?

1 Juventus 2 Barcelona 3 Dynamo Kyiv 4 Ferencváros

What is Pot 1 in the Champions League?

Pot 1 consisted of the holders, the UEFA Europa League winners and the champions of the six highest-ranked nations who did not qualify via one of the 2020/21 titles; Pots 2 to 4 were determined by the club coefficient rankings. No team could play a side from their own association.

Who is in the Champions League 2021/22 group stage?

The full fixture list has been confirmed for the 2021/22 UEFA Champions League group stage. Holders Chelsea will start their defence against Juventus, Zenit and Malmö after the groups were set in Istanbul.

When and where is the 2022/23 Champions League final?

The 2022/23 UEFA Champions League final will take place at Istanbuls Atatürk Olympic Stadium on 10 June 2023. The 2022/23 UEFA Champions League season will conclude at Istanbuls Atatürk Olympic Stadium on 10 June 2023. Built to support Turkeys bid to stage the 2008 Olympic Games, the venue opened in 2002 and is home to the Turkish national team.

Why did Munich host the 2023 Champions League final?

On 17 June 2020, the UEFA Executive Committee announced that due to the postponement and relocation of the 2020 final, Munich would instead host the 2023 final. However, because of the relocation of the 2021 final from Istanbul, they would host the 2023 final.

Why is the 2021 Champions League final not being played in Turkey?

The stadium was originally appointed to host the 2020 and 2021 UEFA Champions League Final, but this was moved due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey.

How are the teams allocated places in the 2022 Champions League?

For the 2022–23 UEFA Champions League, the associations are allocated places according to their 2021 UEFA association coefficients, which takes into account their performance in European competitions from 2016–17 to 2020–21.

How many pots are in the Champions League draw?

They are then allocated into eight groups of four in the draw on August 25. Pot 1 is made up of the league champions from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Primeira Liga as well as the Champions League and Europa League winners.

Whos in Pot 2 of the Champions League?

Dortmund #UCL Pot two plays host to a number of European heavyweights, given that 2019/20 league winners Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid and Liverpool all failed to defend their crown. Borussia Dortmund, Sevilla and Barcelona are the other names in the confirmed draw.

What are the pot seedings for the Champions League?

Here are the pot seedings that we know at this stage, which may raise an eyebrow or two at a glance... Pot 1: Chelsea, Villarreal, Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, Inter, Lille OSC, Sporting CP Pot 2: Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Manchester United, PSG, Liverpool, Sevilla, Borussia Dortmund

Where will Tottenham Hotspur be in the Champions League draw?

Based on their coefficient, Tottenham will be placed in Pot 2 for the group stage draw alongside London rivals Chelsea. Manchester City will be in Pot 1 after winning the Premier League while Liverpool’s future will be dependent on whether or not they beat Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

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