Sintra lisbonne

sintra lisbonne

How to get from Sintra to Lisbon?

The best way to get from Sintra to Lisbon is to line 35 bus which takes 27 min and costs €1 - €10. Alternatively, you can line 18800 train, which costs €2 - €3 and takes 39 min. What companies run services between Sintra, Portugal and Lisbon, Portugal?

How much does the Oriente-Sintra cost in Lisbon?

Single tickets for both Rossio-Sintra and Oriente-Sintra cost €2.25, and can be bought at the ticket counters or machines. The tickets are magnetic cards called “Viva Viagem,” which you need to purchase the first time you take the train in Lisbon. In future journeys you just have to recharge it.

Is there a train service to Sintra?

The train service to Sintra is operated by CP (“Comboios de Portugal”), which is the national train company. It’s a busy commuter line, so seats can’t be pre-booked and there are trains every 20 minutes, and more frequently at rush hours.

How crowded is Sintra Portugal?

As Sintra is the most popular day trip from Lisbon, the town can get very crowded during the summer months, and especially at the weekends. At the height of the tourist season, there can be extremely long queues to purchase tickets and over 1-hour waits for space on the 434 tourist bus.

How far is Sintra from the train station?

Sintra Train Station Sintra train station (GPS: 38.79870, -9.38646) is the final stop of both train services, but the historic centre of Sintra is located 1.5km to the west of the station.

How to get to Sintra from Lisbon?

The train departs every 30min from Lisbon, and takes around 45min minutes to reach Sintra. Taking the train from Rossio Station, is the easiest way. But, not everything is good.

What is there to do in Sintra?

The highlights of a day trip to Sintra are the Palácio Nacional da Pena and the Castelo dos Mouros. Both of these attractions are in the hills of the Serra de Sintra, and it is a very challenging up-hill hike to them, from the historic centre or the station.

How to get to Pena Palace in Sintra by train?

Most tourists arriving in Sintra head first to Pena Palace. For that, they need to take the 434 bus, so those exiting from the train station’s southern gate, should follow the blue sign pointing to “Turismo” and not the one to “Centro Histórico.” The “Turismo” is the tourist office inside the station, and the bus departs from right outside.

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