Rocco restaurante

rocco restaurante

What is Rococo restaurant&bar?

Rococo Restaurant & Bar is a charming upscale restaurant with two Oklahoma City locations featuring playful menus of steaks, pastas, and East Coast seafood. At Rococo, food is love. Tempting. Playful. Unforgettable. It has the power to inspire connections that nourish the heart, soul, and belly.

Why choose Rococo?

At Rococo, food is love…and we adore serving that love to you, our wonderful customers. We appreciate the uniqueness of each person who walks through our doors. So we designed our new Western location and menu with YOU in mind.

Is this the best kept secret about the Rocco bar in Rome?

Rocco bar’s best kept secret. Whilst the restaurants maitre d during the day (blonde female) is about as ineffective as the male in the evenings the bar does have some great staff headed by Alfonso. The three evenings we spent there were made perfect by Alfonso who recommended brands of... drinks we had not experienced.

Where can I buy a gift card from Rocco?

O Gift Card está disponível em formato físico, no restaurante, e em formato digital, através do link abaixo. Seja o primeiro a receber na sua caixa de correio as novidades, eventos, ofertas e experiências exclusivas do universo Rocco. Aceito ser contactado para comunicações de marketing.

Why choose Rococo Italian restaurant Melbourne?

Since our launch in 2005, Rococo Italian restaurant Melbourne endeavours to always provide you with delicious Italian food. Our chefs pride themselves on preparing classic Italian cuisine with fresh produce, served with finesse, for which Italy is known and loved. We like to think that what we do is “simple Italian food done well”.

What is a Rococo lounge?

Rococo Lounge is In the handsome Exchange development in the heart of Aylesbury. We’ve a large outside terrace and our glass-walled front floods our double-height atrium space with light. We serve a fantastic range of food and drinks (including full kids, gluten free and vegan menus) in a welcoming, laid back atmosphere.

Why Rococo steak?

With a wide variety of inspired menu items and amazing flavors in an upscale and contemporary setting, Rococo Steak gives you an extraordinary experience beyond great steaks. It’s hard to keep from bragging…

Which is the best district in Rome for a cocktail?

It’s certainly its most inventive, specialising in flavours such as celery, carrot and gorgonzola. Trastevere, the vibrantly pretty district south of the Vatican, is everyone’s favourite setting for an evening drink, with its gorgeous tangle of ochre and orange ivy-draped buildings.

What are Rome’s finest hidden treasures?

Thankfully though, the city is so packed with world-class museums, churches and gardens that it’s easy to escape the crowds and find a little corner that’s all your own. Here is our selection of Rome’s finest hidden treasures and secret pleasures. St Peter’s Basilica receives up to 20,000 visitors a day.

How much does it cost to live in a secret Rome neighbourhood?

It’s no wonder this area has been used for a few movies and if you find yourself lusting after one of the 40 or so apartments or villas then it’s only a mere €10,000 per square metre – that may give you another clue as to how desirable this secret neighbourhood in Rome is!

Where can I get a bespoke bag in Rome?

For example, at Pelleteria Nives (Via delle Carrozze 16), tucked away on the first floor, you can have a custom-made bespoke bag, wallet or belt made to your exact specifications, at the fraction of the price of the designer glitz on sale in the surrounding stores.

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