Leonardo dicaprio girlfriend

leonardo dicaprio girlfriend

Who is Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend?

Keep reading to find out everything we know about Leonardo DiCaprio’s current lady love Camila Morrone, as well as who else he’s dated in the past. Who is Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend?

Is Leo DiCaprio dating Camila Morrone?

Now, hes dating 23-year-old Camila Morrone, a model/actress to whom hes been linked since 2017. As the Oscar winners bachelor status hangs in the balance, relive his model behavior. According to a 1998 gossip item in The London Sun, Leo dumped the model—his very first!—after a night of love she found disappointing.

Who is Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend Samantha Hall?

The supermodel is believed to have been DiCaprios first model girlfriend. The former Victoria Secrets model attended numerous events with the then budding actor in 1994. Halls career has seen her work with the top luxury fashion brands including Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Dior.

What is the age difference between Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Morrone?

The couple was first spotted together in December 2017 while shopping at Barneys in Los Angeles. The more than two-decade age gap between Morrone, 22, and DiCaprio, 45, has led some to question their relationship.

Today, though, we’re here to focus on his longtime relationship with Camila Morrone. In true Leo form, she is a ripe 24 years old and falls solidly in his dating demo. But that’s not all she is, mmkay? With acting chops for days and a super-famous family (which actually connected the two lovers), she’s been poised to take over Hollywood.

Who is Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend?

Currently, Dicaprio is with actress and model, double threat, Camila Morrone who is a rising star in Hollywood. The two have been dating since 2017 and even quarantined together during the pandemic.

Who is Leonardo DiCaprios ex-girlfriend Bridget Hall?

The first of Leonardos exes who was a model is Bridget Hall who was 17-years-old when they met in 1994 and Leo was 20-years-old. The two were seen attending several events together in 1994, and according to an interview with the Vogue cover girl in New York Magazine “nothing happened.

What happened to Leonardo DiCaprios ex-girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach?

After dating blonde models Erin Heatherton from 2011-2012 and Toni Garrn from 2013-2014, Kelly Rohrbach was the last blonde-haired model to date Dicaprio. Their romance began in 2015. According to Heatherton, their breakup was due to crazy schedules.

Who is Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend Erin Heatherton?

DiCaprio had a 10-month relationship with model Erin Heatherton from late 2011 to October 2012. She has since filed for bankruptcy and had numerous complaints from her neighbors about alleged wild parties and noise.

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