Douro valley wine tour

douro valley wine tour

How many days do you need for a Douro Wine tour?

Worldly recognized for its Port wine and river cruises, theres plenty you can do. Either in a short 1-day wine tour or a 7-day tour in Porto and Douro Valley. Heres the best Douro wine tours, our clients picks for the top 5 best tours in Douro.

How to visit the Douro valley in Portugal?

At the 18th-century railway station in Pinhão, marvel at the Portuguese tiles that depict the beauty of the Douro Valley. Take a 1-hour river cruise on a typical rabelo boat used in the past to transport wine along the river. ... 7. From Porto: Douro Valley Full-Day Wine Trip with Lunch

Where to drink wine in the Douro?

Located in Lamego, Quinta da Pacheca is one of the most famous wine properties in the Douro. At Pacheca, in the tasting tours, you will be guided through the estate and will learn its history and wine-making process.

What is a day tour in Portugal?

Day tours are the easiest and quickest way to explore somewhere new while easily fitting it into a tight travel schedule. Departing from Porto, a day trip to the Douro Valley is a great option for those looking for a countryside escape, at the doorstep of the city.

How long does it take to visit the Douro Valley?

If you simply want to walk in the vineyards for up to a couple of hours, you’d be better off getting a map from one of the quintas (wine estates) or going through a tour operator. Several tour companies offer self-guided or guided hikes in the Douro Valley ranging from half a day to multiple days – read more about these options in this post.

Why visit the Douro wine region?

The undulating curves of the Douro wine region’s hillsides create a beautiful and dramatic landscape which changes with the seasons and is so special it was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2001.

How to choose a hotel in Douro Valley?

If you want to spend a couple of relaxing days in Douro Valley, choose your hotel wisely. If you want to simply relax after some busy days in cities like Porto and Lisbon, just choose a hotel with a swimming pool and preferably a restaurant as well, like Quinta Nova, Quinta do Portal and Quinta do Vallado and stay for a couple of days.

How to organize a trip to the Douro with kids?

Organizing a trip to the Douro Valley with kids is always challenging because they are (obviously) not interested in wines. However, you don’t need to skip visiting the region: you simply need to include activities that they might like more than watching lengthy wine tours.

The Douro is the highest-flow river on the Iberian Peninsula, running for 897km (557mi) from the Spanish town of Duruelo de la Sierra to Porto, Portugal’s second city. Remember to look up over the valley to spot eagles circling overhead. See one beach and you’ve seen them all, right?

Where are the best places to visit in Portugal?

What to drink in the Douro Valley?

The Douro Valley is an exceptionally beautiful, historic wine region. The area is most famous for being the home of Port Wines, but over the last few decades, exceptional table wines have emerged. Today, wines from the Douro Valley are evenly split between Port and Douro Valley table wines.

Why visit the Douro wine region?

The Douro wine region is the birthplace of this world-famous fortified wine so this is definitely the place to visit to learn about its grapes -which grown on the steep man-made terraced vineyards of the valley, its production and, of course, to take part in original and educational Port tastings at one (or more) quintas in the area.

How to get to the Douro valley in Portugal?

But in general, there are three practical ways of getting there: There are train connections from Porto to the major cities in Douro Valley: Peso da Régua and Pinhão. You can check the schedules on . However, if you are planning to visit the best vineyards in Douro Valley you most definitely need a car as none of them is accessible otherwise.

Where to drink port wine in Portugal?

This sub region is the most accessible from Porto (it is 1h30 driving distance). Cima Corgo is usually considered the best place for Port wine producers and hence it should be on the top list for the true appreciators of this type of wine.

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