Casca wines

casca wines

What makes Colares wine unique?

Colares wine is the result of the influence from the Atlantic Ocean and the Sintra Hill, which together create a unique microclimate that is present in each of the Colares wines.

What is Malvasia de Colares wine?

The Malvasia de Colares grape variety is very elegant and has relatively strong skin, which allows it to withstand the morning fogs at the final stage of maturation in the vines. The Malvasia de Colares character perfectly expresses the region itself, making it the perfect match for Colares wine.

What are unoaked wines?

Unoaked or short aging wines, characterized by the expression of fruit that symbolize our spirit of challenge. These wines are the fruit of the region where they are produced the and grapes and where they grow define the wine. The regional nature is the basis of the range selection Winemaker, being the true expression of our winemaking.

Why is wine so important to the region of Colares?

So, wine has been important to the region of Colares a long time. In the end of the 19th century the wine bug phylloxera destroyed pretty much every vineyard in Europe, except Colares.

Who are Colares and what do they do?

They have been around since 1808 and their wines are sought after by Colares fans all around the world. In the beautiful cellar of Viuva Gomes we tasted a range of wines from the different local producers. The bottles varied in style and age but one wine really caught my eye.

Are Colares wines grafted?

Well, the wines made for Colares DOC have to come from sandy soil near the beach and they have to be ungrafted. However if you want some EU subsidies the vines have to be grafted. This viticultural Sophie’s choice does not make things any easier. After going through the vineyards it was time to taste these wines.

What is oaked and Unoaked wine?

If the wine is placed in oak barrels (often new oak barrels) and subjected to a process called malolactic fermentation it is considered oaked, otherwise, if the wine is stored in stainless steel containers, plastic tubs, or concrete vats it is said to be unoaked. It’s just that simple!

What does Unoaked wine taste like?

Unoaked wines featured a lighter body than any wine aged in any oak barrel. The heavy notes of cedar and vanilla allow the fresher fruity flavors to shine through without being muddled. With fruit flavors come the acidity found in fruit.

What are the most common types of Unoaked wine?

The most common variety of unoaked wine marketed today is the white Chardonnay. For some wine enthusiasts, this may come as a bit of a shock, since the Chardonnay grape is not known for its aromatics — much of its traditional flavor is derived from the French oak barrel.

What is unoaked Chardonnay?

Chardonnay is the most common type of unoaked wine thats marketed today. Currently, Australian and New Zealand-based vineyards produce much of the unoaked wine available. Many winemakers use screwcaps instead of cork when bottling them.

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