Alfama lisbona

alfama lisbona

What is Alfama in Lisbon?

His work has appeared in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune. Lisbon is a beautiful city, full of crumbling old buildings, narrow cobbled streets, and endless opportunities to enjoy a glass of wine and a stunning view. Nowhere is that more true than Alfama, the oldest part of the Portuguese capital.

What to do in Alfama?

Alfama is one of the most fascinating neighborhoods in the city of Lisbon. The old historical quarter around the castle, existing for more than 2000 years. The Romans were here (you can still see the Roman Theater/Amphitheater Ruins in Alfama – See Below), but this was 2000 years ago.

How to get to the Sé Lisbon?

The Sé Lisbon is situated on the main road from Baixa to Alfama and the nearest metro station is Rossio but the most picturesque mode of public transport is the quaint yellow tram (route 28) which passes directly in front of the cathedral.

Why stay at São Vicente Alfama hotel?

Located in Lisbon and with St. Georges Castle reachable within 1640 feet, São Vicente Alfama Hotel by TRIUS Hotels features express check-in and check-out, allergy-free rooms, a restaurant, free WiFi... Great breakfast and fantastic service! Quiet hotel in a nice district. 15 minutes walk to inner city.

What is Alfama district in Lisbon like?

Alfama is the oldest and liveliest district of Lisbon. The name Alfama comes from the arabic word al-hamma, which refers to baths and fountains. And the white washed buildings are a callback to Moorish times. Then, Alfama was a neighborhood for the wealthy. Alfama was initially inhabited by Romans and then by the Visigoths.

What does Alfama mean in Portuguese?

The Alfama (Portuguese pronunciation: [aɫˈfɐmɐ]) is the oldest district of Lisbon, spreading on the slope between the São Jorge Castle and the Tejo river. Its name comes from the Arabic Al-hamma (الحَمّة), meaning hot fountains or baths.

What is Alfama known for?

In Alfama existed a zone of hot baths near the port. The Lisbon historic district of Alfama has urban characteristics similar to North Africa because it reflects the medina or souk. This influence is still in tribal and family organization of Alfama.

What to do in Alfama-Lisbon?

The best sight in Alfama - Lisbon castle. The best tourist attraction of the Alfama district is the Castelo de São Jorge. This castle has been entwined with Portugal’s early history and was the location in which the Christian Crusaders defeated the North African Moors in 1147.

How to get to Lisbon?

Thus, traveling by air is the most straightforward manner of getting to Lisbon. Alternatives refer to traveling by train, by bus or, simply, by car. Lisbon is serviced by the largest and most crowded airport in the whole of Portugal.

How far is Lisbon Airport from the city centre?

Land at the Lisbon international airport which is just a mere 7 km from the centre of the city. Served by the main international airlines and just 3 hours away from the main European capitals, it is very easy to reach. It is just as easy to reach the centre of the city.

How to travel around Portugal by train?

If you plan to travel around Portugal, you might want to think of travelling by train. A journey between Porto and Lisbon takes 3 hours. If you are travelling from Spain to Lisbon, you can take a night train that leaves every day from Madrid. The journey takes 10 hours and costs a minimum of € 60 ( US$ 67.60).

How long does it take to walk to Lisbon Cathedral?

The cathedral is just a short walk from the squares downtown -- follow the tram tracks up the hill, and you’re there in five to ten minutes. You may also take tram 28 or tram 12, which you may ride for free with the Lisboa Card . Admission to the Lisbon Cathedral is €4.00.

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