What is arcane League of Legends?

Arcane, also known as Arcane: League of Legends, is an animated series based on the League of Legends lore, retelling the origin stories of several characters from Piltover and Zaun. The series was adapted for television by Christian Linke and Alex Yee — members of Riot Games Creative team and long-time contributors to the source material.

What can I do with arcane users?

users. Arcane provides all servers with free and unlimited role rewards and leaderboards. Configure and claim a custom link to your leaderboard. Configure roles to earn more xp, blacklist roles, and other configuration features are also included. Enable voice leveling in your server and let Arcane start calculating voice activity.

What will the arcane season 2 cast look like?

The Arcane season 2 cast will probably look pretty similar to the first season cast cast, though Silcos voice actor Jason Spisak may not be around much (save for potential flashbacks?).

How much does Arcane premium cost?

Premium starts at $5. Premium helps us to pay for servers to run the bot on. Receive a 10% boost for voting! Voting allows Arcane to be advertised and found by new users.

Does arcane have a beginning?

Every legend has a beginning. Arcane is an animated television series set in the League of Legends universe. The series was unveiled during the League of Legends 10th Anniversary celebrations.

When is arcane coming to League of Legends?

The series was announced at the League of Legends 10th anniversary celebration in 2019, and first released in November 2021. Arcane s first season was released to critical acclaim, with praise directed at its animation, story, worldbuilding, characters, emotional weight and voice acting.

What is an arcane skin?

Arcane is a series of skins in League of Legends that tells the story of Arcane. Each skin is a canon depiction of how the champion looked during the events of Arcane.

Will there be an arcane season 2?

^ Bankhurst, Adam. Arcane, Netflixs League of Legends Animated Series, Is Officially Getting a Second Season. IGN. Retrieved November 20, 2021.

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Will there be an arcane season 2?

The streamer is yet to officially confirm a release date for season two but Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent has given fans some good news and some bad news on that front. We are working on #Arcane season 2, he tweeted in November 2021.

Will Arcane ever be out of ideas?

There’s plenty of story left to tell, character arcs to tie up, and new individuals and champions to introduce, so Arcane will never be out of ideas from plot or character development perspectives. We’re also big fans of Fortiche’s visuals for the animated series, too, so we’d be happy to see many more instalments in the TV show.

Is arcane better than League of Legends?

Riot Games new Netflix original series Arcane has become something far greater than a simple League of Legends spinoff. Players and newcomers alike have flocked to the story of Piltover and Zaun and the war between hextech and chemtech. Most impressively, the series actually improved on many characters old League of Legends personas.

How popular is arcane on Netflix?

At the time of writing, Arcane is scoring an incredible 9.1/10 on IMDB; for a time, it was both the most popular original Netflix title and the second -most-popular TV series on IMDB! Similar scores can be found across other user-based feedback websites, including a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and 9.3/10 on MetaCritic.

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