Can cycling save the world?

Meticulously researched and incredibly inspiring, How Cycling Can Save the World delivers on its lofty promise and leads readers to the realization that cycling could not only save the world, but have a lasting and positive impact on their own lives.

Is biking the best way to save the environment?

Turns out, biking is not just good for your body and joints, but its also the best choice for the environment. Here are 10 ways using a bike to get around your city can help save the world - and improve your life in the process. Riding your bike to work rather than driving can cut down on your household emissions by at least 6%.

What are the benefits of cycling?

Cycling is a good way to improve your fitness and heart health. Two short trips to the shops and back each day – about 30 minutes’ of daily cycling – will begin to benefit your cardiovascular system. 2. Discover your surroundings

What are the benefits of bicycles in urban areas?

Parking lots have enormous environmental and financial impact, particularly in urbanized areas. The more bikes you can get on the road, the fewer parking spaces you need to build. 8. Bicycles Dont Burn Gasoline Fuel prices fluctuate. A healthy bike culture will help ease pressure on supply when demand increases. 9.

Can cycling save the world?

A new book, How Cycling Can Save The World, argues that from improving public health to mitigating climate change, replacing cars with bikes could have an exceptionally large impact on the health of the planet. With New York almost fully excavated from the winter, I got my bike out this morning and rode to the office for the first time this year.

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