Zouma cat

zouma cat

What happened to Zouma’s Cats?

Both men looked anxiously at the ground as footage was shown of the West Ham ace kicking and slapping his Bengal cat in his £2million mansion. The court was told both of Zoumas cats were likely to have suffered soft tissue trauma in the sick attack.

What is the meaning of Zoumas video captionSA commence?

The first video clip -- in which Zouma appears to kick the animal across the kitchen -- is accompanied by the caption sa commence in French, which translates to it is starting. The captions for the other clips feature laughing emojis.

Did Zouma hurl shoes at Cat?

In a video first published by the Sun newspaper Monday, Zouma is filmed seemingly hurling shoes at ​a cat ​in what looks to be a private residence, slapping it across the face, chasing it around the room and kicking it across the floor. Laughter can be heard in the background of the footage. CNN has not independently verified the video.

Who is Kurt Zouma?

(CNN) West Ham defender Kurt Zouma was on Wednesday ordered to complete 180 hours of community service after pleading guilty to kicking and slapping a cat, according to PA Media.

What happened to Kurt Zoumas cats?

From the section Animal charity the RSPCA has taken West Ham defender Kurt Zoumas pet cats away after videos emerged on social media of him kicking and slapping one of them. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is liaising with Essex Police about the incident.

What happened to Mamadou Zouma?

Adidas has cut ties with Zouma over the video, and West Ham has reportedly fined him $340,000 - the maximum allowable-over the incident. West Ham manager David Moyes, however, chose to start Zouma for the team’s win over Watford on Tuesday.

Why is Kurt Zouma being taunted by Newcastle fans?

Kurt Zouma has been taunted by the Newcastle United fans as the West Ham defender continues to face backlash over shocking footage of him kicking his cat. The Hammers centre-half started in their lunchtime clash with the Magpies at the London Stadium. The travelling fans wasted no time in targeting the Frenchman as they showcased inflatable cats.

Who is Kurt Zouma and what is his charity?

PREMIER League star Kurt Zouma, who was filmed drop kicking his cat, is an ambassador for a charity that works with big cats which have been abused.

What happened to Kurt Zoumas cat?

Kurt Zouma, a star defender on West Ham United, had his cats taken away by British authorities after video emerged showing him kicking and slapping them. Earlier this week, The Sun published video showing Zouma kicking his cat multiple times, slapping it and throwing his shoe at it.

What did Zoumas video say about animal cruelty?

In a statement posted to Twitter on Wednesday, the company said it was very distressed by the video of Zouma and that it condemned animal cruelty and violence of any kind.

What should we do about Zouma’s Cats?

We are also calling for the two cats in Zouma’s “care” to be removed immediately and given new homes with someone capable of showing them the kindness and empathy that he clearly lacks. Zouma must also be banned from keeping animals for life. If you’ve seen a video online that depicts cruelty to animals, please head to this PETA US page.

What did West Ham say about Kurt Zouma?

West Ham United unreservedly condemns the actions of our player, Kurt Zouma, in the video that has circulated, the Premier League club said in a statement, Reuters reports.

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