Why is russia invading ukraine

why is russia invading ukraine

Why does Russia want to invade Ukraine?

Why is Russia invading Ukraine? Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has continued to harbor significant resentment against Independent Ukraine, the country it still thinks of as a critical part of ‘Mother Russia’. It therefore considers the conquest of Ukraine as being vital for the restoration of its so-called “Historical Russia”.

Is there war between Ukraine and Russia?

Ukraine and Russia are two countries that border each other in Eastern Europe. On Feb. 24, 2022, Russia sent its army into Ukraine and began trying to take over the country by force. This invasion surprised many people, as it was the first major war in Europe for decades.

What is happening in eastern Ukraine?

In 2014, Russia took over an area in southern Ukraine called Crimea. It also sent soldiers and weapons to eastern Ukraine, claiming to be helping people who wanted to be part of Russia. In the eight years since then, about 14,000 people have died, and 1 million people have fled to escape the fighting.

Why is the US sending troops to the Ukraine border?

This angered Russia, which started sending troops near its Ukraine border for training exercises in spring last year and increased it during autumn. By December, the US began hyping up the deployment of the Russian troops and President Biden warned of severe sanctions if Russia invaded Ukraine.

Why is President Biden sending 3,000 troops to NATO allies near Ukraine? With Russian troops gathering on the Ukrainian border and additional resources arriving by sea, Biden has opted to increase the US military presence in the region.

Could the US defend Ukraine if Russia invaded it?

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