What is Flixbus?

FlixBus goal is to provide you a convenient, affordable and easy to use bus service. We always offer the best deals, plus a safe and pleasant travel experience. Low-cost tickets are just a few clicks away on our App or website.

How do I buy a Flixbus ticket?

Buy your low cost bus tickets online, via our bus app, in one of our FlixBus stores or directly from the bus driver. Your ticket is your guarantee to a comfortable seat on board. Snacks & drinks are also available from our friendly bus drivers along with free Wi-Fi and plug sockets - on each one of our buses!

Where can I travel with Flixbus?

FlixBus now offers affordable and comfortable bus travel across the US! Travel on board green buses to explore cities like Los Angeles, Houston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New Orleans, Phoenix , San Diego, Sacramento, San Antonio, Washington D.C., New York City, Boston and many more.

Is Flixbus eco-friendly?

FlixBus is one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives and carbon offset programs. Choose from over 80 travel destinations in 11 states and growing! Searching for a last-minute weekend getaway? Planning a vacation with family or friends? Need a break from college? No problem!

You can not only book tickets on our website, but also via our FlixBus App or at our FlixShops and official ticket resellers. Need to change or cancel your trip?

How do I book a bus ticket?

It’s all about the price! Bus travel is often seen as a budget option for travellers, and Flixbus has the market cornered in Europe. They provide fast and efficient bus connections between European cities, but are they always the cheapest option? We ran a few comparisons to check.

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