Ikea lisbon

ikea lisbon

Where can I find IKEA in Portugal?

To help you locate an IKEA store near you in Portugal, we’ve made a list of all of the stores by location below. Address: Rua 28 de Setembro, Loures. Address: Zona Industrial de Alfragide, Estrada Nacional 117, Amadora. Address: Avenida Dr. Óscar Lopes, Matosinhos.

How did IKEA Portugal perform in financial year 2019?

IKEA Portugal achieved a sales growth of 4.5% in the financial year 2019 (1/09/2018 – 31/08/2019), along with the 5% growth announced by the Ingka Group for the same period. Solid and sustained growth across different channels, supported by investment in new touchpoints and new services aimed at improving brand convenience and accessibility.

How do I get my IKEA Alfragide Encomenda?

2 Quando chegar ao parque de estacionamento da IKEA Alfragide, por favor siga as indicações em direção à área de Click and collect para levantar a sua encomenda. A utilização de máscara ou viseira é obrigatória para poder proceder à recolha da sua encomenda.

Does IKEA deliver to Madeira?

Another thing to note about IKEA home delivery is that delivery to Madeira and the Azores are, on average, more expensive than within mainland Portugal. More information about IKEA delivery prices can be found here.

How many IKEA stores are there in Portugal?

The first IKEA store in Portugal opened in 2004. In the middle of 2017 year in Portugal operates 4 store IKEA.

What are the alternatives to IKEA Portugal?

Conforama (website is in Portuguese) has retail stores in the major cities of Portugal: Conforama Setúbal. They also have online shopping and delivery. They have a vast range of household items and furniture. It’s a very good alternative to IKEA Portugal, although more expensive than IKEA prices.

Where to find IKEA in Braga?

Address: Avenida de Lamas 100, Braga. Opening hours: 10 am to 11 pm daily. Never miss out on great tips about living in Portugal. Subscribe to our newsletter today! It is common to find the same products or furniture for cheaper prices in IKEA stores in other countries within Europe.

Where is the best place to buy furniture in Portugal?

Conforama, for example, has eight stores in Portugal and a well-stocked online shop. Naturacasa.net is another online furniture shop, and delivery is free on orders over €400. IKEA is often cheaper in other countries, for example in the UK or Germany, however sending large items like furniture abroad can make the savings minimal.

Can I pick up my order at IKEA Alfragide?

According to the maximum allowed capacity, the closing hours can be anticipated. 2 When arriving to IKEA Alfragide covered parking lot, please follow our directions to the Click and collect area to pick up your order. The use of a face mask or protective visor is mandatory so that you can collect your order.

How do I track my IKEA Portugal online order?

Have you made an online order in IKEA Portugal and you wish to track it or reschedule it? You can use our tracking and managing services. In case you have requested our delivery service *, you can track the status of your order by entering your order number (number you find in the purchase email) and the associated email or phone.

How do I order IKEA from outside the US?

To place an order using a credit card issued outside of the US, please contact the IKEA US Customer Support Center at 1-888-888-4532. Our website does not accept foreign forms of payment at this time. Does IKEA offer free shipping?

How do I check the status of my IKEA order?

Check the status of your order online. You will need your order number as well as the email or phone number you used to complete the order. If you used your IKEA Family login when making your purchase, you can also see all your previous orders. Track online order – track an online order and the status of the delivery.

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