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Why is there a snap election in Portugal?

A snap election has been called on Sunday after the national assembly rejected the governments 2022 draft budget. Read more about these links. City Hall shared data of protesters demonstrating in front of embassies, including Russias. Read more about these links. The vote follows six years of minority left-wing government led by António Costa.

How much does it cost to electrify the Lisbon Metro?

The alteration to the electrification system of the Cascais line is up for tender and will cost 36 million euros. Close to 20% of Lisbon Metro train drivers are suffering from “extreme emotional exhaustion”.

Are Lisbon Metro train drivers suffering from “extreme emotional exhaustion”?

Close to 20% of Lisbon Metro train drivers are suffering from “extreme emotional exhaustion”. The City Council of Lisbon has approved a proposal for the immediate... In 2016, in the Serra da Lousã Biological Park, in Miranda do Corvo, the Universalist Ecumenical Temple was inaugurated.

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Could Portugal’s snap general election result lead to the far-right Chega party?

Portugal is voting in a snap general election that is unlikely to result in a majority government but which could lead to the far-right Chega party becoming the third largest group in parliament.

What is behind Portugal’s election crisis?

Sunday’s election was triggered in December after the long-running deal between prime minister António Costa’s minority Socialist government and its allies in the Portuguese Communist party and the Left Bloc broke down during negotiations to pass the 2022 budget.

Who is leading in Portugal’s election?

The latest polling in Portugal shows the Socialist Party in the lead with 38% of the vote share-a figure which has held steady since last November.

Why is Portugal’s minority government in crisis?

It comes after the ruling Socialist Party failed to get consensus for their budget bill as their partners in the minority left-wing government refused to back them. The minority government, headed up by Prime Minister António Costa, has been in power in Portugal since 2015, and last won an election in 2019.

Is Lisbon’s Metro the cleanest in Europe?

It is considered to be one of the best-kept and cleanest metros in Europe, comparable to Madrid’s subway system. In Portuguese, the Metro in Lisbon is called “Metropolitano de Lisboa”. The subway’s first section was opened to the public in 1959.

How much does the Lisbon Metro cost?

There are two fare zones for Lisbons metro, but all of the main tourist areas and the airport are within zone 1. The 2021 Lisbon metro fare prices are: • €6.40 – 24-hour unlimited travel, which includes all Lisbon buses and trams.

Why did the Workers of Metropolitano de Lisboa go on strike?

The workers of Metropolitano de Lisboa had already carried out a partial strike (5am-9am) on March 11th and 18th and April 14th, alleging the “lack of working conditions in the operational area of ​​the machinists”.

How much is a 24 hour unlimited ticket in Lisbon?

The ticket we use on the metro When we are showing friends and family around Lisbon, we always purchase the 24-hour unlimited ticket (costing €6. 40). This fantastic value ticket includes all bus, metros and trams, along with the funiculars and the Elevador de Santa Justa. A return on the Elevador de Santa Justa costs €5.

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