Lisbon airport strike

lisbon airport strike

How many airport workers in Portugal went on strike on Saturday?

A spokesman for the Union of Airport Handling Technicians, which called the strike, told local news agency Lusa that around 100% of workers had taken part in the strike in Lisbon on Saturday, which is the busiest airport in the country.

How many flights to Lisbon have been cancelled due to strike?

“Due to the strike of Groundforces, of the 515 flights scheduled on 18 July to Lisbon airport, 321 flights have been cancelled (166 arrivals and 155 departures) and a total of 194 are expected to be operated. (95 arrivals and 99 departures)”, said ANA in a statement.

What happened on the second day of the SEF strike in Portugal?

The effects of the second day of the strike by SEF were more visible on 15 August at Lisbon airport, according to information provided to Lusa by ANA. With a two-hour stoppage, the waiting time at the border control at Lisbon airport increased, reaching four hours, said ANA.

Why did Lisbon Airport shut down?

From 12:00 (UTC +1), Lisbon Airport was forced to shut down as tire debris was found on its main runway. Several aircraft entered a... There will be three flights every week Conakry will be the companys 17th destination in 11 African countries In 2018, TAP carried 1.1...

How many flights are affected by the Portugal strikes?

The strike began on Saturday with around 260 flights canceled, and then Sunday saw a further 327 flights canceled. Lisbon is the most several affected airport. Strikes by Groundforce airports brought airports across Portugal to a standstill over the weekend. Photo: ANA Aeroportos de Portugal

What is the stha strike in Portugal?

A strike called for by the Union of Airport Handling Technicians (STHA) led to the cancellation of hundreds of flights in Portugal over the weekend. The strike began on Saturday with around 260 flights canceled, and then Sunday saw a further 327 flights canceled. Lisbon is the most several affected airport.

Why did Lisbon airport staff go on strike?

Specifically, the union called the strike regarding “ the timely payment of wages and other pecuniary components .” As a result of the strike, major airports, including Lisbon and Porto, canceled flights due to a lack of ground support. According to, around 81% of ground staff didn’t show up for work at Lisbon airport yesterday.

Are airlines still able to operate flights during the Portugal crisis?

Other ground-handling companies were not on strike, meaning that some airlines were still able to operate flights. Those least affected by the current situation were the low-cost carriers operating out of Lisbon’s terminal 2.

When do SEF inspectors go on strike in Portugal?

Inspectors from the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) will begin a series of partial strikes starting Saturday, August 14, 2021, through August 31, 2021.

What happens if there is an international strike in Portugal?

During these strikes, travelers may experience significant delays at immigration for international arrivals and departures (any flight from destinations outside of the Schengen space). For travelers planning to fly out of Portugal during this time, it is recommended to arrive at the airport earlier than normal.

What does the SEF strike mean for airports?

Strike action from SEF union members led to delays at airports as the inspectors call for their functions to remain. The murder of Ihor Homeniuk sparked outrage around SEF and this wave of indignation led the Government to declare the transfer of SEF functions to other entities.

When will SEF be extinct in Portugal?

The previous government decided in November 2021 that the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) would be extinct in Portugal in January 2022. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the extinction of SEF has been set for May 12.

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