Hospital lusiadas porto

hospital lusiadas porto

Why choose hospital Lusíadas Porto?

Located in the heart of the Porto, Hospital Lusíadas Porto is a point of reference for private health care, possessing an experienced team of professionals in a wide variety of medical and surgical specialty areas.

What is a Lusíadas Saúde?

A Lusíadas Saúde foi o primeiro grupo privado em Portugal acreditado por esta organização num processo que envolveu toda a equipa de profissionais do Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa, do Hospital Lusíadas Porto e do Hospital de Cascais.

What is a hospital Lusíadas Albufeira?

Hospital Lusíadas Albufeira is a unit characterized by modernity and functionality, providing clinical services in the areas of medicine and surgery, as well as a hospitalization protocol similar to that of an outpatient center.

Why choose Clínica Lusíadas Gaia?

As an outpatient center for Hospital Lusíadas Porto, Clínica Lusíadas Gaia provides the quality assurance of its medical teams in a comprehensive and personalized service offering, designed to care for you and yours. The Lusiadas flagship Hospital.

Why choose the hospital Lusíadas Porto Aviation Medicine Center?

With facilities capable of performing multiple aviation medicine exams, the Hospital Lusíadas Porto Aviation Medicine Center is made up of a team of highly competent professionals with extensive experience in conducting initial and revalidation exams for Portuguese and international pilots.

Why choose Lusiadas Saúde?

Lusíadas includes over 6.000 highly qualified professionals, latest generation technology and is characterized by innovation, rigor and excellence in the delivery of health care. At Lusiadas Saúde our mission is to help people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone.

Where can I get a pediatric consultation in Portugal?

Medical Port provides pediatric consultations through its partners Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa and Hospital Lusíadas Oporto, so you can know and ensure that your children’s health is at its best. Appropriate medical care is a critical component for a child’s development.

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