Ryanair strike

ryanair strike

When are the Ryanair strikes and what are they about?

When are the Ryanair strikes? Ryanair cabin crew will strike on 12-15, 18-21 and 25-28 July at 10 airports across Spain, the USO and SICTPLA unions have confirmed. They are striking over pay and working conditions.

When are the Ryanair cabin crew strikes in Spain?

- Copyright REUTERS/Jon Nazca Travellers could face more chaos after Spain’s Ryanair cabin crew voted to strike for another 12 days in July. Workers affiliated with two Spanish unions are set to walk out from 12 to 15 July, 18 to 21 July and 25 to 28 July.

Why did Ryanair staff go on strike in France?

On Saturday morning a sign of fresh chaos to come was witnessed in Paris, with a fifth of flights cancelled at France’s busiest airport amid a dispute over wages and working conditions. Several hours later, Ryanair crew in Spain announced that they would also pursue strike action to demand better working conditions.

What are the effects of the Ryanair and EasyJet strikes?

Low staffing numbers have caused long queues and a huge number of cancelled flights. And the disruption is set to continue into July, with workers at both easyJet and Ryanair in Spanish airports going on strike. The Ryanair strike began on Thursday and caused the airline to cancel 10 flights in Spain on Saturday.

When are the Ryanair staff on strike?

The low-cost airline was forced to cancel ten flights across Spain on Saturday due to strike action. And Ryanair crew will now walk out from July 12 to 15, as well as July 18 to 21 and July 25 to 28.

How many Ryanair flights have been affected by cabin crew strikes?

They added: Less than one per cent of Ryanair’s flights have been affected in the past month by recent minor and poorly supported cabin crew strikes called by unions who are either not recognised by or who represent tiny numbers of Ryanair crews.

When are the Ryanair cabin crew strikes in Spain?

The Spanish cabin crew walked out on June 25, 25, 26, 30, and July 1 and 2. Now, Ryanair staff based in Spain are set to strike for 24-hour periods over the next month. When are the Ryanair cabin crew strikes happening?

What are the Ryanair 2022 strikes all about?

The Ryanair 2022 strikes have occurred due to the airline’s staff being unhappy with their pay and working conditions, according to the USO and SICTPLA unions.

Why did Ryanair pilots go on strike?

Nearly 100 pilots employed by Ryanair who are members of the Irish Airline Pilots’ Association (IALPA) voted to strike in a dispute about seniority, annual leave arrangements and transfers of flight crew between European and North African bases. Ryanair says it has 350 pilots based in Ireland, of whom only 27 per cent have voted to strike.

When are the Ryanair strikes in Europe?

Ryanair employees are due to strike in Belgium and Portugal from June 24–26, in France from June 25–26, in Italy on June 25, and in Spain from June 24–26, and from June 30-July 2 Pilots and flight attendants from easyJet, MaltAir and CrewLink, as well as Ryanair, will walk out in Italy on June 25

What happened to Ryanair in Ireland?

Pilots employed by Ryanair in Dublin announced two more 24-hour strikes. It followed a one-day stoppage which led to the cancellation of 30 flights between the UK and the Irish capital, and the threat of cabin-crew strikes in four European countries later in July. Your questions are answered here.

Will there be any disruption to Ryanair flights in July?

It read: “In a statement on Saturday, Ryanair said it expected “minimal (if any) disruption to its flight schedules in July as a result of minor and poorly- supported Spanish labour strikes

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