How can Vistaprint help your business?

For more than 20 years, VistaPrint has helped small business owners, entrepreneurs and dreamers create custom designs and professional marketing. Our online printing services are intended to help you find custom products you need – business cards, promotional marketing and more – to create a look you love.

What is the history of Vistaprint?

History. Vistaprint founder Robert Keane founded a company in Paris in 1995 called Bonne Impression, a direct marketer of desktop publishing software and pre-printed laser-printer-compatible specialty papers that helped small businesses produce printing brochures, stationery and business cards.

What happened to Vistaprint and Vertrue?

Credit card details were passed on to Vertrue (formerly Memberworks Incorporated) by Vistaprint, and charges were then made on those credit cards by Vertrue allegedly without the owners consent.

How long does Vistaprint take to ship?

VistaPrint aims to provide you with the products you need in a timely fashion. The brand offers various delivery options that differ in cost. VistaPrint offers standard (8 business days) shipping, priority (6 business days) shipping, and express (3-4 business days) shipping.

What happened to the company that makes Vistaprint?

Vistaprint continued operating under the Vistaprint brand while the parent company became Cimpress. As a result of the change, the companys ticker symbol was changed from VPRT to CMPR. In November of 2016, Cimpress announced that it would be opening a manufacturing facility in Reno, Nevada.

Is Vertrue still in business?

Vertrue Incorporated, headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, is an American consumer services marketing company. The company again received an F from the Better Business Bureau for making unauthorized charges to its customers credit cards. In 2007 it was acquired by a trio of investment firms, including Rho Ventures.

What can Vistaprint do for You?

But today, VistaPrint offers so much more: a wide range of customisable small business marketing products; real-time access to expert ideas and assistance for people who need a hand; and a simple, straightforward experience for those who know exactly what they want.

What are some criticisms of Vistaprints partnerships in the UK?

Vistaprints partnerships in the United Kingdom have attracted criticism. Critics have stated that Vistaprints customers are enrolled without their knowledge in a reward voucher operated by an associated company,, at a cost of £9.95 a month, and that no information is provided to customers subsequently.

Does VistaPrint offer free shipping above certain order totals? Through VistaPrint Pro Advantage, a subscription program for print resellers, Premium customers can receive product discounts, flat rate shipping, and free delivery on orders >$60. You can learn more about the program here.

Where does Vistaprint ship from?

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