Bmw m3

bmw m3

What is the BMW M3?

The BMW M3 is a high-performance version of the BMW 3 Series, developed by BMWs in-house motorsport division, BMW M GmbH. M3 models have been produced for every generation of 3 Series since the E30 M3 was introduced in 1986. The initial model was available in a coupé body style, with a convertible body style added soon after.

How fast is the BMW M3 from 0-60 mph?

A stunning 503 hp output enables you to accelerate from 0-60 mph in as little as 3.4 seconds. Transmissions for all. A manual transmission comes standard for the performance-obsessed, while the standard 8-speed M Sport Transmission in the M3 Competition models offers instantaneous and precise shifts. Engineered for the next personal best.

What makes the BMW M3 saloon so special?

The BMW M3 Saloon is a puristic sports saloon with outstanding driving characteristics. Responsible for this are a 480-hp high-performance BMW M TwinPower Turbo power unit, rear-wheel drive and highly developed technologies with their origins in motorsport, such as the M specific suspension with Active M Differential.

Whats new in the 2022 BMW M3 sedans?

This is the M3. The 2022 BMW M3 Sedans dominate every scene with performance-focused engineering, design, and technology. Excel with BMW M xDrive. For the first time ever, this high-performance sedan harnesses the intelligent power capabilities of M xDrive, standard with the M3 Competition xDrive Sedan.

So, how fast does a BMW go? Well, the answer depends upon which BMW model you look at. One of the fastest production vehicles in BMW’s lineup is the BMW M8 Competition Coupe with a 0-60 time of 3 seconds.

How fast is the 2021 BMW M series 0-60 time?

How much does a BMW M3 saloon cost?

BMW M3 saloon (2008) review. The BMW M3 saloon has two more doors, weighs 25kg extra, features blander taillights and, at £49,415, costs £1415 less than its E92 coupe sibling. Anyone with an internet connection can work that out.

What makes the BMW 3 series M3 so special?

A high-quality interior comes as standard in the BMW 3 Series, including the brand’s latest infotainment system and a good balance between touch controls and physical buttons. The M3 stands out with a few red buttons, lots of M badges and racier sports seats-which you can spec in bright orange or blue if you wish.

How many M3s did BMW sell in Canada?

Prior to the release of the North American specification M3, BMW Canada sold 45 of the European specification M3s. At the time, BMW North America was opposed to importing the E36 M3 (due to its high price and the poor sales of the previous M3).

Is the BMW M3 Pure quick spin a bargain muscle car?

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