What does Óbidos mean?

Óbidos ( Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈɔβiðuʃ] ( listen); Proto-Celtic: * Eburobrittium) is a town ( Portuguese: vila) and a municipality in the Leiria District, Portugal. The town proper has approximately 3100 inhabitants. The municipality population in 2011 was 11,772, in an area of 141.55 square kilometres (54.65 square miles).

Why is Obidos so popular?

For centuries after, the kings of Portugal followed suit, presenting the picturesque little town to their queens as a wedding gift. With its white buildings shining as brightly now as then, the walled city of Obidos is very popular with tourists, its hillside location offering amazing views of the Estremadura area.

How long should you stay in Óbidos?

How Long Should You Stay in Óbidos? Óbidos is quite a small place, and can be seen in just one morning or an afternoon. However, we recommend that you don’t rush your visit, and spend an entire day, giving you extra time to relax with a meal, and perhaps visit a museum.

What is the history of Óbidos in Portugal?

The retaking of Óbidos was a final stage in the conquest of the Estremadura Province region, after the settlements of Santarém, Lisbon and Torres Vedras. Following the control of the region, the settlement received its first foral ( charter) in 1195, during the reign of King Sancho I.

What is the significance of Óbidos?

Similarly, the Peninsular Wars were fought in the vicinity of Óbidos, including the Battle of Roliça. More recently, the village was a centre of government and meeting place for those involved in the 1974 Carnation Revolution, linking it to the armed forces movement revolt.

Where can I find media related to Óbidos?

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Óbidos. The International Festival of Chocolate, Óbidos, Portugal - Official website (in Portuguese) with basic information (dates, times, ticket prices) clearly shown. GoObidos - Oficial Obidos turistic Guide (Portugal) - Official Obidos Tourist Guide.

How many people live in the town of Óbidos?

The town proper has approximately 3100 inhabitants. The municipality population in 2011 was 11,772, in an area of 141.55 square kilometres (54.65 square miles). The castle and wall of Óbidos, view from the west.

What airport is Óbidos?

Óbidos is served by Óbidos Airport . Óbidos, Pará, in Brazil, was the scene of the sinking of Sobral Santos II in September 1981, one of the worst maritime tragedies in the history of the Amazon River. The riverboat was making its weekly trip between Santarém and Manaus and was claimed to be overcrowded when it sank in Óbidos harbour.

How long does it take to visit Obidos?

Obidos can be easily seen within a couple of hours, and the day trip could be combined with Caldas da Rainha, Peniche, Nazare or the Buddha Eden. For a day trip which takes in multiple towns a car is recommended, but there is a regular bus service between Obidos and Peniche (25km, 40 min €2. 75 fare) or express bus to Caldas da Rainha (10km 15min).

Is Obidos a good day trip from Lisbon?

Obidos is a pretty and historic walled town, which is one of the most popular day trips from Lisbon. Lisbon is connected to Obidos by an express bus service, and this makes the day trip is suitable for all. This article will detail a day trip to Obidos, and focuses on the practicalities of the day trip, along with a suggested walking tour.

What are the disadvantages of an Obidos tour?

The main disadvantage of the organised tours, is that they only schedule 40-60 minutes to explore Obidos, which is not really long enough. An independent day trip to Obidos means that you can avoid the peak hours and spend as long as you like within the town. Some of the best tours that include Obidos are shown below:

Why choose Obidos?

Obidos is a great holiday destination if you are seeking an authentic Portuguese experience, far removed from the hecticness the beach towns. Once all of the day-trippers leave Obidos, the town has an relaxed and peaceful ambience, where evenings are spent in the family-run restaurants eating traditional home cooked food.

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