Restaurante medieval tomar

restaurante medieval tomar

Where to eat in Tomar Portugal?

My wife and I ate at the Taverna Antiqua in Tomar during a one-week holiday in western Portugal. This place is unique with a very cosy, medieval ambience and candles providing the light on each table. Both the food and service were fantastic.

Is the Taverna in Tomar worth visiting?

We went to the Taverna after the visit of Tomar and the temple. What a nice experience. Staff was very friendly and dressed in traditional clothes, The food was perfectly adapted and of very good quality. A must if you are in Tomar.

What is it like to eat at a medieval restaurant?

The set up is amazing (inside). The staff all wear traditional clothes and the decor / ambience is very medieval. The food was very good. We ordered the platter which had lamb, cod fish, vegetable pastry and pork, as well as three or four different. side dishes (30€).

What is Legenda medieval like to eat?

Legenda Medieval is a great place for a quick bite to eat. Service was wonderful and very attentive, and the pastries and cakes simply delicious. A friend of ours had a burger which was alright and my son had a baguette, which was very tasty.... Prices are extremely reasonable. The atmosphere is not very cozy, but the restaurant is very clean.

What was the food like in medieval times?

In England there were inns, taverns and cookshops; in France, inns, taverns, and later cabarets (though at the tail end of the medieval period). One could also buy food from roasters and pie men (the pies often being savory, like meat or eel). While the food in such places tended to be simple, it could be varied and sometimes of good quality.

How were medieval restaurants different from modern restaurants?

Unlike modern fast-food restaurants, which cater to convenience, the eateries of Medieval times were born out of necessity, often feeding artisans and the urban-dwelling poor whose homes (read: single rooms or shacks) were usually not equipped with cooking facilities.

Did people eat off the table in the Middle Ages?

In lower-class households it was common to eat food straight off the table. Knives were used at the table, but most people were expected to bring their own, and only highly favored guests would be given a personal knife.

What do we know about medieval foodways?

Research into medieval foodways was, until around 1980, a rather neglected field of study. Misconceptions and outright errors were common among historians, and are still present in as a part of the popular view of the Middle Ages as a backward, primitive and barbaric era.

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