Why should I buy an iPhone from Apple?

Lots to love. Less to spend. shop — online or in store. for credit. It’s good for you and the planet. And pay for your new iPhone over 24 months, interest‑free when you choose to check out with Apple Card Monthly Installments. * Why Apple is the best place to buy iPhone.

How much does an iPhone cost?

Current iPhones, compared Model Starting price Screen size No. of rear cameras Release date iPhone SE $399 4.7 inches 1 April 2020 iPhone XR $499 6.1 inches 1 Oct. 2018 iPhone 11 $599 6.1 inches 2 Sept. 2019 iPhone 12 Mini $699-$729 5.4 inches 2 Nov. 2020 3 more rows ...

Where is the best place to buy an iPhone?

* Why Apple is the best place to buy iPhone. You can choose a payment option that works for you, pay less with a trade‑in, connect your new iPhone to your carrier, and get set up quickly. You can also chat with a Specialist anytime.

What can I do with my new iPhone?

Explore all new features to help you connect with others, stay focused, and do more with your iPhone. If something happens to your iPhone, you wont miss a beat if your data is backed up. You can back up to iCloud or your computer. Transfer information and content from your previous iPhone or Android device to your new iPhone.

What are the benefits of buying an iPhone from Apple?

One of the biggest benefits from purchasing an iPhone from Apple is that its unlocked. An unlocked iPhone is compatible with any wireless carrier, giving you more freedom to switch carriers. Apple also has a 14-day return policy. If you dont like the phone, you can return it within two weeks and get a full refund!

Can I buy an iPhone in an Apple Store?

While many carriers have special offers for buying an iPhone, most of those promotions are also available in an Apple Store. Come in or call a Specialist and let us know what you’re looking for. There’s a good chance we can find an option that works for you.

Should you buy an iPhone with data or return it?

Like Apple, most wireless carriers have a 14-day return policy. However, this can vary from carrier to carrier, so make sure to ask while youre buying your new iPhone. Because of the various deals that you can get from bundling your phone in with your data plan, this is generally the best option as long as you know exactly what you want.

Should you buy the iPhone 13 or not?

The main reason not to buy the iPhone 13 would be if you’re currently running the iPhone 12. The iPhone 13 is not a major update over the iPhone 12, especially on the base models. The Pro models are a slightly different story; they have significant updates to their camera modules and a new storage option (1TB).

Where can I buy an iPhone?

The Apple Store You can, of course, purchase an iPhone at any of Apples nearly-500 retail stores across the globe. The Apple Store is equipped to sell you an iPhone and activate the phone service that is required to use the iPhone (you can do that at most other stores, too). Plus, you can get lots of great accessories.

Where is the best place to buy cell phones?

Best Buy An authorized reseller for major US carriers. Walmart A go-to spot to find affordable and budget-friendly smartphones and basic cell phones. Target It sells a variety of higher-end options that people are most likely to want. Apple If you’re an iPhone fan, it’s the place to be. Gazelle An online marketplace that resells ...

What to look for when buying an iPhone?

It is also helpful to look for a device that comes with a warranty. Buying your phone from a trustworthy dealer gives you peace of mind that the iPhone is quality and not stolen. Some of the reputable, cheapest places to buy iPhone include: Amazon is one of the largest online stores globally, with millions of traders and customers.

How to get the best deal on a used iPhone?

1 Start with mobile carriers: Mobile carriers tend to offer the best iPhone deals. ... 2 Trade-in your old phone for credit: If you have an older phone to trade in, many carriers will give you a generous credit that could range as high as $1,000 ... 3 Dont be afraid of refurbs: Apple offers some of the best refurbs in the industry. ...

Your iPhone is a solid and useful piece of hardware, right out of the box, but the real fun comes with the Apple ecosystem, which includes music, movies, eBooks, apps, and games. Its like having the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, but even better because you can use it for entertainment, too! iPhone Beginners Guide: Need a case?

Is there a guide to set up my new iPhone?

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