Fitness up lisboa

fitness up lisboa

How much does it cost to go to the gym in Lisbon?

The prices vary a lot across Lisbon, also from high-end gyms to budget solutions. Prices typically range from around €10 to over €30. Booking a gym day pass to Fitness Hut through TrainAway is €8.80. Planning to visit other places in Portugal?

What is Como Fitness 24/7?

Como Fitness 24/7 is a full service fitness centre providing full 24/7 gym access, a range of group fitness classes (HIIT Classes, KeepFit Seniors Classes, Stretch and Flex Classes), Personal Training and, Exercise Rehabilitation.

What are the best fitness clubs in Lisbon?

Shiatsu Terapia Andrea Gomes 14. Health Club Solinca 15. Clube VII 16. Barriga Killer 17. Super Craque 18. Sinara Studio What are the best places for health/fitness clubs & gyms in Lisbon?

Why choose Como fitness?

For over 20 years, Como Fitness has been providing expert health, fitness, training and rehabilitation solutions for the residents of South Perth, Como, Kensington, Applecross Manning, and Salter Point. Book your FREE 7 Day Pass (valued up to $25) so you can experience the many benefits of Como Fitness for yourself.

How much does it cost to stay in Lisbon?

Also, the average hotel price in Lisbon for a couple is €91 ($101). So, a trip to Lisbon for two people for one week costs on average €1,445 ($1,599). All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget.

How much does a gym pass cost in Lisbon?

Day passes are €33 and week passes cost €115 This is probably Lisbon’s bougie-est gym. It’s a bit like a country club set in Parque Eduardo with six tennis courts, a swimming pool, four studios of classes and a big cardio/bodybuilding area.

What are the best low-cost gyms in Lisbon?

Another low-cost gym, TimeToFitness24 has several locations around Lisbon including in Alameda, Alvalade, and Saldanha. The gyms are normally open 365 days of the year but, despite the name, aren’t always 24 hours (but they do have very long opening hours). Opening hours: Varies. Price: Starting from €3.75 per week.

How much does a gym membership really cost?

The downside is, they aren’t free! So how much does a gym membership actually cost on average? A gym membership can cost anywhere from $10 a month to well over $100, plus annual fees. It’s common to pay somewhere around $40 per month to join an average gym, or around $500 per year.

What are the best gyms in Lisbon?

You’ve probably already heard of Holmes Place, as it’s a massive gym company with luxury gyms all over the world. It has seven spaces in Lisbon (as well as a few just out of town in places like Cascais, Sintra and Alges). The clubs tend to boast state-of-the-art equipment, swimming pools and spas.

Is academia life club in Lisbon a good gym?

Academia Life Club is a gym with a lot of reputation among Lisbonners. Many athletes that have been using this club for many years do recommend Academia Life Club to the tourists. The gym offers many possibilities for women and men due to the number of professionals in different areas, especially in cardio fitness.

Where can I get gym day passes in Lisbon?

Getting day pass access to gyms around Lisbon is not easy, as the story of all cities in southern Europe. The independent gyms will be pretty large with letting you in, and Holmes Place also has gym day passes if you can stand the registration. Fitness Hut is only accessible for travels without membership with TrainAway.

Where can I find yoga and pilates classes in Lisbon?

More yoga and pilates classes are available at Holmes Place, Academia Life Club, Solinca, The Gym Club, and Pump Fitness Spirit. If you feel like we keep listing the same places over and over that is because we are, and that is why they are on our main best Lisbon gyms list.

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