Why visit Lyon?

Commanding a strategic spot at the confluence of the Rhône and the Saône Rivers, Lyon has been luring people ever since the Romans named it Lugdunum in 43 BC. Commercial, industrial and banking powerhouse for the past 500 years, Lyon is Frances third-largest city, and offers todays urban explorers a wealth of enticing experiences.

Who is Lyonne Lyonne?

Since 2013 she has appeared as Nicky Nichols on the critically acclaimed Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. The role is Lyonnes first television job as a series regular.

What is the history of Lyon?

Since its foundation by the Romans in 43 BCE, on Fourvière Hill, the city has expanded from west to east, building on the advantages offered by its... Expect to (re) fall in love with Lyon...

What does the Lyon city card include?

The Lyon City card includes unlimited access to 22 of the most prestigious museums in and around Lyon. Enjoy guided tours, self-guided audio tours, boat tours (April to October) of the city as well as unlimited use of the public transport system.

What to do in Lyon?

Although a relatively small city, Lyon is packed with great old structures including several famous churches such as Saint-Nizier, Saint-Jean and the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière. This old-world wonder is mixed with a remarkable post-modern style, which emphasises the city’s regeneration.

What makes Lyon so special?

One of Lyon’s truly unique delights is the plethora of murals and other visual beauties that adorn the city. From the Fresque des Canuts in Croix-Rousse to the Fresque des Lyonnais on the banks of the Saône, these delights of the eye are among many such examples dotted around the city with each one worthy of greater appreciation.

Is Lyon Paris’s most charming city?

Paris is charming and magical, but this doesn’t mean other French cities should be overlooked! One place in France that has endless opportunities to offer is Lyon.

What are the best places to visit in France?

One place in France that has endless opportunities to offer is Lyon. Around the city, you can find a Roman amphitheater, medieval and Renaissance architecture in Vieux Lyon, and the modern, redeveloped Confluence district on the Presqu’île peninsula between the two rivers that run through town.

But Lyonne is singular with a signature realness and ultra-sharp sense of humor. A self-described open book, shes finally come into her own not just as an actress but also as a writer, producer, and director. Who knew she was so very talented?

What is Natasha Lyonne best known for?

What is the significance of Lyon in history?

After having been one of the most important city of the Roman empire for three centuries, Lyon struggled to regain its ranking. At the beginning of the Middle Ages, the Burgundians gave Lugdunum a regional importance. Lyon became one of the capitals of the Burgundian Kingdom at the end of the 5th century.

Where is Lyon located?

Lyon is a city in the south of France. The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times and was one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire, Lugdunum. After the Battle of Lugdunum (197) the city never fully recovered, and Lyon was built out of its ashes becoming a part of the Kingdom of the Burgundians .

Who were the first people to live in Lyon?

People lived on the banks of the Saone River for several centuries before the city was officially founded by the Romans in 43 BC.  Lyon served as their capital and nearly became the capital of France! Lyon, a happening place Lyon Legends and Mysteries

How did the city of Lyon become a European city?

Lyon acquired a European dimension through the development of the transportation system, hotel and other tourist facilities, cultural establishments and the creation of the Part-Dieu business quarter in 1960. The 1980s saw a new drive to improve the citys infrastructure.

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