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Is there an Amazon in Portugal? is now also available in Portuguese. ) Brexit Update: Due to the complexities of Brexit, which come into effect in January 2021, it’s probably a safer option to use Amazon Spain (.es) or Amazon Germany (.de) for the time being. Hopefully, Amazon UK will continue to be a viable option in the future.

Does Amazon Prime Video work in Portugal?

It won’t get you free delivery to Portugal. Yes, you can watch Prime Video if you have an account in another country, but it doesn’t seem to be as good as Netflix (yet, at least). Q. When Is Amazon Coming to Portugal?

Is Amazon Germany better than Amazon UK in Portugal?

Amazon Germany has expanded a lot in the past few years, and now it’s often a better option for shoppers in Portugal – particularly when it comes to delivery times: (anecdotally) Amazon Germany seems to deliver to Portugal faster than Amazon UK and, more importantly, it seems to have a higher success rate of arriving.

How do I get my Amazon order sent to Portugal?

Rather than getting your Amazon order sent to your address in Portugal, you send it to the package forwarding company and they forward it onto you. I’ve had mixed results with package forwarding companies.

Can I shop at Amazon from Portugal?

Links to external websites do not constitute an endorsement. Yes, you can shop at Amazon from Portugal. Simples! Well, almost. Amazon doesn’t have a warehouse in Portugal so you’ll have to shop at one of the Amazon stores in another country (for example Amazon UK, Spain, or Germany).

How much does Amazon Prime cost in Portugal?

However, Amazon Prime is now available for people with Portuguese addresses through Amazon Spain. Amazon Prime costs €3.99 a month, or is available for €36 per year. For €3.99 a month customers in Portugal can get free next day or 2 day delivery on many items across Amazon Spain’s store.

Can I get a Kindle in Portugal?

Without a local Amazon in Portugal, to receive any of the popular amazon devices like a Kindle you will need to use one of the other European stores except the UK one. Strangely enough, and for reasons I couldn’t find the answer to. Amazon are pretty choosy about which devices they ship from the UK store to Portugal.

Is there an Amazon Portugal in 2021?

As of 2021, there is not an Amazon Portugal, but there is now a Portuguese Amazon website run through Amazon Spain ( Despite long held rumours of an Amazon Portugal and a warehouse system opening in Portugal, Amazon does not currently exist within Portugal in anyway.

Can I Watch Prime Video If I Travel Abroad? Amazon Prime members are able to stream selected Amazon Originals titles while outside of their home country. Outside of your home country, a reduced selection of Prime Video titles is available to stream. A selection marked Watch While Abroad shows the available titles.

How much does Amazon Prime Video cost in Europe?

Is it better to buy from Amazon in Portugal or USA?

There’s one overall winner, yes, but it’s also worth pointing out that each Amazon store has its pros and cons. (USA) is usually the worst option for people in Portugal due to import costs but, if you’re looking for an obscure book or product, sometimes it’s the best option.

Does Amazon Germany ship to Portugal?

Most of the time, anyway: often it depends on the individual seller, but most sellers are happy to ship within Europe (including to Portugal). Some are happier to ship further afield as well, particularly to countries like the US, Canada, and Australia, and New Zealand. Amazon Germany offers expedited delivery to many countries within Europe.

Where can I buy from Amazon in Europe?

Since Spain is the closest country to Portugal. When you can’t find the product on Amazon Spain, you can check Amazon UK and Amazon Germany as well. However, the selections on these sites will be different, and the shipping prices will be higher. Basically, you can use any Amazon stores in Europe.

Does it cost more to buy from Amazon in the UK? (USA) is outside of the EU, so you should expect additional customs and import costs. Now that the UK has left the UK, it’s possible that ordering from (UK) will mean additional importation costs as well.

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