Benfica salzburg youth league

benfica salzburg youth league

Will Benfica join Salzburg on the Champions League final roll of Honour?

That was the second of Benficas three final defeats to date but they now hope to put that right and join Salzburg, as well as Barcelona, Chelsea, Porto and Real Madrid, on the roll of honour as the eighth tournament edition concludes.

Who won the UEFA Youth League?

Benfica won its first UEFA Youth League after a win over Salzburg (Austria) at the Colovray Sports Center, in Switzerland.

Can Salzburg win the Champions League with Liefering players?

When Salzburg won this competition in 2016/17 they also did so with a squad containing Liefering players, and also knocked Paris and Atlético out on the way to the final with Benfica.

Can Salzburg repeat 2017 final win against Benfica?

Salzburg hope to repeat their 2017 final win against Benfica, who on Monday go for a first title in their record-equalling fourth decider. Salzburg take on Benfica in Mondays UEFA Youth League final at Nyons Colovray Stadium five years on from the same clubs meeting in the 2017 decider.

Who won the UEFA Youth League final?

Benfica have got their hands on the UEFA Youth League trophy after winning the final at the fourth attempt. The Eagles defeated Salzburg 6-0 in Nyon to avenge their 2017 showpiece loss to the Austrian side – the second of their final setbacks in between the reverses in 2014 and 2020.

What is the my Benfica account?

With the My Benfica account you have access to exclusive advantages and contents like breaking news, behind the scenes videos and photos, discounts and promotions. FULL MATCH Youth League Final Final Result HT: 0-2 Salzburgo 0 Be...

Can Salzburg join the Champions League Elite for first time?

On Wednesday, however, instead of supplying the continents elite, Salzburg have a chance to join them with a place in the knockout stage of the Champions League for the first time.

What makes Salzburg so special?

Salzburgs focus is on buying and developing youth and they rarely sign players over 23, while Rangnicks counter-pressing legacy lives on, with the club the third most efficient at the practice in the Champions League group stage this season.

How many Bayern Munich Academy graduates are playing in the Champions League?

When Bayern Munich face Red Bull Salzburg in the Champions League on Wednesday, only two of the 22 players on the pitch will be Bayern academy graduates. Thomas Muller is a Bayern legend already, with 10 Bundesliga titles, two Champions Leagues and over 600 games for the club where he grew up.

How do Red Bull Salzburg recruit their players?

In an article published by the club external-link detailing their scouting process, Red Bull Salzburg say they first look for local talent at a young age and then widen the pool to European players over the age of 16 - those who top clubs might be hesitant to take a risk on. From 18, they can sign players internationally.

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