What is the significance of the Battle of Bussaco?

The Battle of Buçaco ( pronounced [buˈsaku]) or Bussaco, fought on 27 September 1810 during the Peninsular War in the Portuguese mountain range of Serra do Buçaco, resulted in the defeat of French forces by Lord Wellingtons Anglo-Portuguese Army. Having occupied the heights of Bussaco (a 10-mile (16 km)...

Where to eat in Bussaco?

In the Bussaco National Forest, this 5-star hotel occupies the hunting palace of the last Portuguese kings. Its elegant restaurant offers a range of exclusive Bussaco wines. Classic French cuisine and traditional Portuguese dishes are served at Palace Hotel do Bussaco’s restaurant.

What is Buçaco?

Buçaco (or Bussaco in English) is a hidden world of moss-covered paths crisscrossing an enchanting wonderland of grottoes, tiny chapels, pools, fountains and fertile forest. Monks tended this magical hideaway for over a thousand years, maintaining a strict code of silence and deep meditation as they went about their business.

What makes Palace Hotel do Bussaco unique?

Palace Hotel do Bussaco is an excellent example of Manueline-Gothic architecture. Its richly decorated corridors feature antique furnishings, large paintings and traditional Portuguese glazed tiles. In the heart of the Serra do Bussaco, Palace Hotel do Bussaco is about 18 miles from Coimbra.

Pastelaria Snack-Bar A Flor de Luso 10. Restaurante O Cesteiro 11. Churrasqueira Rocha “Suckling pig and “suckling” chicken ?” 12. Restaurante Snack-Bar Tony 13. Snack bar O Canecao “Very good grilled chicken!” 14. Magnuns & Co “The best kept secret !” 15. Casa Santos - Coffee House & Lounge “Arrêt obligatoire avant ou après la...” 16.

What are the best restaurants in Bairrada?

What is Buçaco Forest?

Buçaco Forest was first settled in the 6th century by friars from a nearby Benedictine monastery; five hundred years later the Bishops of Coimbra took possession of the forest and in 1628 donated it to the Order of Discalced Carmelites.

What makes the Cypresses of Buçaco so special?

A magnet for botanists and tree experts the world over, the glorious Cypresses of Buçaco have a history and charm all of their own. In the 16th century, the monks acquired their seeds from a sister community in Mexico and planted them amongst the verdant species of the native forest.

What is do Bussaco known for?

Bussaco (sometimes spelled Buçaco) is a delightful refuge of cypress groves, ferns, statues, fountains, and formal gardens. Its also home to the Palace Hotel do Bussaco, which may be Europes best value in a grand hotel.

What is Fundação Mata do Buçaco doing to protect the forest?

In 2009 the forests present governing body, Fundação Mata do Buçaco, was established to manage, conserve, revitalize and exploit the forest. A year later the European Unions LIFE programme subsidized an initiative aimed at preserving the oldest segment of the forest and controlling threats posed by invasive, non-indigenous species.

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