What is Europass and how does it work?

Europass is a set of online tools to help with creating CVs, cover letters and also help users to find jobs and courses in the EU. Europass also matches user skills and interests such as location and topic to success suitable jobs. It is a useful tool to find information on studying or working in the Europe.

What is a Europass CV?

The Europass CV is one of the best-known CV formats in Europe. It is easy-to-use and familiar to employers and education institutions. You will first have to create your Europass profile with information on your education, training, work experience and skills.

What should I put on my Europass profile?

In case of long gaps in working or learning, include an explanation. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes, provide a professional e-mail address, and add a professional photograph of yourself. Your Europass profile is the place to keep a record of all your skills, qualifications and experiences.

Do you have to be from Europe to use a Europass?

It’s designed for use in Europe, but you don’t have to be from Europe to use it. Some European employers may be used to its format, and may even prefer it. But a Europass CV is never required to apply for a job in Europe, and in fact it turns many employers off.

What tools does Europass offer?

Europass offers free online tools that support learners, workers and job-seekers across Europe. Before sending any application be sure to consult some of our tools: Your Europass profile supports you in describing your skills, finding interesting jobs and learning opportunities, managing applications, and creating CVs and cover letters.

What is a Europass CV?

A Europass CV is the most important step in the job search process in the member states of the European Union. Thus, it aims to make a persons skills and qualifications clearly understood throughout Europe (including the European Union, European Economic Area and EU candidate countries).

What is your Europass profile?

Your Europass profile is your personal online tool to manage all your information on your skills, qualifications and experiences. You can include personal information in your profile, and store files (e.g. CVs, diplomas) in your Europass Library.

How does the new Europass work?

The new Europass offers you the chance to create a free profile where you can record all your achievements, skills and qualifications in one personal secure online space. You can use the information in your profile to create tailored Europass CVs and cover letters, using different templates, for your job or course applications.

What personal information can I store in my Europass library?

You can include personal information in your profile, and store files (e.g. CVs, diplomas) in your Europass Library. You should not store any information in Europass that could be considered inappropriate or offensive, or that contains sensitive personal information (e.g. about your health).

How do I assess my language skills in the Europass?

You can complete a simple self-assessment table in your Europass profile to describe your language skills. You can read each of the descriptions in the self-assessment tool and pick the level that you think best describes your listening, reading, spoken interaction, spoken production and writing skills in any language.

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