What is Infomeds service?

El servicio de correo electrónico que ofrece Infomed está sujeto al cumplimiento por parte de los usuarios e instituciones de salud de los Procedimientos establecidos para su uso, las regulaciones del Ministerio de Salud Pública de la República de Cuba (MINSAP) y la legislación vigente en el país.

How do I register for infomed21?

Dobrodošli na InfoMed21! Predstavljamo vam osveženo spletno stran za dostopanje do mikrobioloških izvidov. Če še niste uporabnik, pa bi želeli biti, kliknite na gumb »Registracija«. Izpolnite obrazec in ga pošljite organizaciji, do katere želite dostopati.

Is Infomed a model for integration of health information?

The Journal of Medical Internet Research, recognized Infomed as a model for integration of health care information with research, education and the provision of services. The applicability of the Cuban model in other nations is recognized, within the context of varying ideological and social structures.

Why choose Infomed for your event?

At Infomed our main objective is to build awareness of your event and create a buzz that continues right up until the event itself.

What is lab@xpert by Infomed?

Lab@xpert by INFOMED is an Information System for Analytical Laboratories which gives you the ability of data management of your Laboratory in electronic format, easily, in a crystal clear manner, integrating all available technology to collect and process all the information (static or not), produced during its operation…

What is lab@link by Infomed?

Lab@link by INFOMED is a is a modern Information System with which you can facilitate your daily work, leaving for the system the time consuming, demanding work of archiving data, recording events and analysis management, implemented in a secure and flexible way, offering a unique tool for optimal handling and…

What is the purpose of Integrated Healthcare Information Systems?

The purpose of integrated HISs are systems that interconnected, providing services to clients, leading to continues workflow and integrated information flow and enabling healthcare decision making (5). Integrated HISs is widely considered to provide higher performance in terms of quality and safety.

What is the history of Integrated Healthcare?

In recognition of the fact that integrated healthcare systems improve quality of care, patient outcomes, and system efficiency, the American medical system has been moving toward integrated healthcare on a systemic level for decades. In the beginning of the push toward integration, strategies reflected a mechanistic view of healthcare delivery.

Are information systems the potential tool to health promotion?

Moreover, information systems are the potential tool to health promotion (7). Health promotion is defined as: “The enabling of people to increase control over, and to improve, their health.

What are health information systems (Hiss)?

Dear Editor-in-Chief The health information systems (HISs) include data and concepts in health services given to patients to improve the management of such services (1). HISs with four key functions (data generation, compilation, analysis and synthesis, and communication and use) provides the foundation of decision-making (2).

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