Dacia spring electric

dacia spring electric

What are the specs of a Dacia spring electric?

Specifications of 2021 Dacia Spring Electric. Electric motor: 33 kW, 125 Nm, Top speed: 77.7 mph / 125.0 km/h, Battery: 26.8 kWh. Market-dependent prices, MSRP.

Is the Dacia spring electric SUV a hit or Miss?

The Dacia Spring, the electric SUV from the Romanian company, has established itself as a true hit since sales began in March 2021. The Dacia Spring has already sold 46,000 copies, putting it well on its way to being a hit.

Is the Dacia spring a good city car?

The Dacia Spring is cheap enough to make buying a traditional petrol car look expensive. Its not perfect, but it could be a great city car. Come on Dacia - bring it to the UK!” “I love SUVs. I love electric cars. And I really love small cars which are good in the city. I think the Spring looks great even before you look at the price.

When will the next-generation Dacia spring be released?

The next-generation Dacia, the Dacia Spring (2024) is an all-new lineup of models that would be introduced in 2024. The model range of Dacia Spring is expected to have a major overhaul and will have more safety features when compared with older models.

How powerful is the Dacia spring electric vehicle?

The Dacia Spring car body is a compact SUV. The system power is 44 hp (33 kW – 45 PS). The Battery Capacity, which is one of the most important parts of an Electric Vehicle, is 27.4 kWh.

What can we expect from the Dacia spring?

The Spring’s shape is similar to the Dacia Sandero – although the two cars have different platforms – and you can expect to be able to specify the EV with bright highlights to appeal to the young urbanites the car is targeted at. Dacia has a habit of producing cars that are cheaper and also bigger than direct rivals.

How long does it take to charge a Dacia spring electric?

The Dacia Spring Electric can be charged from 0-80 per cent in as little as 1 hour using a 30kW public charger. 3 How much does it cost to charge an electric car? A basic electric car like the Dacia Sping Electric will cost less than £10 to charge from empty using a home charger.

This is the Dacia Spring, the first electric offering from the famously no-frills, Renault-owned, Romanian car brand. It seeks to answer the question just how cheap can an electric car actually be?

Does the Dacia spring weigh more than a GTI?

The boot space isn’t impacted by the car’s unusual powertrain, either; the Spring Electric boasts 300-litres of boot space, and double that with the seats down. What about the electric bit? Dacia has opted for a 33kW or 44hp motor for the Spring Electric, and have paired it with a 26.8kWh battery.

How far can the Dacia spring go in town?

Well, Dacia says that according to the WLTP City cycle, the Spring should do 305 km (189 miles) in town, while its combined WLTP range rating is 230 km (143 miles). The battery pack that provides this range (which is better than many much more expensive electric city cars) is a 33 kWh pack, whose net capacity is 28.6 kWh.

Is the Dacia spring a mess?

Before driving the Dacia Spring, I thought it was going to be a mess. It’s a little city crossover, called the Renault Kwid, originally launched in 2015 for developing markets, then updated, given a fully-electric powertrain and rebranded the Renault K-ZE. Now it’s been updated yet again, this time to make it a tempting buy in Europe.

Is the Dacia spring electric worth buying?

The Dacia Spring Electric feels solid and has the cool look of a modern small crossover-SUV. There is no cheaper EV on the market (we are not talking about conversions or home-made things, here) and its functional side has enough to offer.

Does the Dacia spring weigh more than a GTI?

Not because the Spring is whisper-quiet and moves off the line faster than a GTI, since we expect this from an EV these days. The Dacia weighs only 921 kg – which is a feather weight by any standard, but especially for an electric car. A Renault Zoe, for example, weights more than 1,500kg.

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