Maro saudade, saudade

maro saudade, saudade

When is Maros new songSaudade Saudadereleased?

A piano-driven version titled Saudade, saudade (Live in Studio) was released on 7 March 2022. Saudade, saudade was written by Maro and produced by Maro and John Blanda.

What is the meaning of Saudade Saudade?

In the chorus, the songs character focuses on the uniqueness of the word to express her true feelings: Saudade / Saudade / Nothing more that I can say / Says it in a better way. Saudade, saudade entered the Portuguese singles chart at number 176, before moving up to number 4.

What instrument is used in the song Saudade?

Saudade, saudade was written by Maro and produced by Maro and John Blanda. It is an indie pop track with a length of three minutes and one second (3:01). With background vocals, the song has an instrumentation consisting of strings, percussion and clapping.

Who wrote Maro’s new single “Saudade”?

The new single is written by Maro together with American musician John Blanda. They also wrote Maro’s Eurovision entry “Saudade, saudade” together. After being one of the songwriters invited by the broadcaster RTP to take part in Festival da Canção 2022, Maro also performed the song herself.

What makes “Saudade Saudade” so special?

“saudade, saudade” is one of only two songs this year (Montenegro’s “Breathe” being the other) that is not written in the common (4/4) time signature. It is written in 6/4 time, with skipped beats every few measures making for a truly progressive feel that gives the song a unique vibe.

Who wrote Maro’s new song “Am I not enough for now?

Since winning Festival da Canção 2022 in March with her Eurovision entry “Saudade, saudade”, she has released her single “am i not enough for now?” . This song was written by Maro herself, together with John Blanda, her co-writer on “Saudade, saudade”.

What band has a song called Saudade?

The Belgian electronic music band Arsenal recorded a song called Saudade on their album Outsides (2005). The jazz fusion group Trio Beyond, consisting of John Scofield, Jack DeJohnette, and Larry Goldings released in 2006 an album dedicated to drummer Tony Williams (1945–1997), called Saudades.

What is an example of saudade in Irish music?

During recording, the mission statement was to bring back musicality to the medium. Nancy Spain, a song by Barney Rush, made famous by an adaptation by Christy Moore, is another example of the use of saudade in contemporary Irish music, the chorus of which is: Where is the ring I gave to Nancy Spain?

What is Saudade and why does it matter?

It’s not surprising that saudade has made its way into the arts, particularly literature and music. Saudade is a common theme in Fado music especially, and many of the songs are about longing for loved ones or for previous times.

What is Saudade fado?

The word fado itself means fate, and speaks of a destiny which you have no control over, and this highlights another element of saudade: the idea that we have no control over the future. Fado music itself usually sounds very sad as well as touching on sad themes.

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