Guardian ukraine

guardian ukraine

How to contact Global Guardian emergency response and security services in Ukraine?

For more details on our Emergency Response and Security Services in Ukraine contact us at or call 703-566-9463 to speak directly with an Emergency Response Specialist. Are you seeking employment with Global Guardian? *

Will Ukraines military and separatists restore a ceasefire?

Ukraines military and separatist forces both expressed a willingness to restore a truce, according to the Organization for Security and Co-operation, which has logged an uptick in ceasefire violations of late. Since its independence, Ukraine has been concerned with performing a balancing act between East and West.

Is Russia stealing grain from occupied Ukrainian territory to sell?

Kyiv has accused Russia of stealing grain from occupied Ukrainian territory to sell on the international markets. The country’s grain exports are responsible for almost 15% of the world’s total.

What will the 2022 Ukraine crisis look like?

Live coverage of the all the latest developments in the 2022 Ukraine crisis The UN says it expects the number of Ukrainian refugees to reach at least four million, while Poland’s PM announced he and his counterparts from the Czech Republic and Slovenia are now in Kyiv This live blog has now closed.

What is Global Guardian doing to move people out of Ukraine?

In a telephone conversation with Fox News Digital on Friday, Dale Buckner, CEO of Global Guardian, an international security firm, gave a compelling update on his companys ongoing efforts to move civilian workers and their families out of Ukraine as safely and efficiently as possible while Russian forces continue to attack that country.

What is Global Guardian’s Emergency Response Plan?

Global Guardian developed comprehensive shelter-in-place and evacuation plans for multiple offices in the region. In the event of an emergency, Global Guardian’s in-country teams would execute the plan by transporting clients to a safe location. An Air Ambulance member traveling in Kenya was in a car accident.

What is Global Guardian?

Global Guardian provides both corporate and family clients with an integrated suite of security, medical, and emergency response solutions. With one membership, Global Guardian prepares, assists, and responds to our clients’ travelers’ and expatriates’ needs before, during, and after a crisis.

What is the Global Guardians global risk assessment?

Each year, Global Guardians intelligence analysts publish a comprehensive global risk assessment, based on major incidents and trends impacting global security. Download this years map to review travel security and cyber risk ratings by country.

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