Honda cb500x 2022

honda cb500x 2022

What is the Giá Xe Honda CB500X 2022?

Giá xe Honda CB500X 2022 được Honda công bố bán tại thị trường Việt Nam hiện cao hơn 20 triệu đồng so với xe bán ra tại Thái Lan, cụ thể: Giá xe Honda CB500X 2022 trong tháng này vẫn giữ nguyên ở mức 188 triệu đồng. Đây là mức giá vô cùng hợp lý với một mẫu xe cận trung với động cơ 500cc và có khả năng vận hành khá đa dụng.

What is the Honda CB500X?

Honda CB500X - một trong 9 mẫu moto phân khối lớn của Honda được tung ra thị trường thời điểm này sở hữu bộ đèn pha LED mới đầy hiện đại, kính chắn gió phong cách như hút hồn những ai lần đầu nhìn thấy nó, xi nhan trước và sau của xe tách rời.

Will the Honda CBX be more expensive in 2022?

Although no pricing has been confirmed for 2022, Honda tell us it will cost slightly more than the current £6249 (2021 pricing) – making it one of the most expensive bikes in its field. That said, the CBX was already a class leader and the updates for 2022 only strengthen its hold on the crown.

Can You mount a satnav on a Honda CB500X?

A handy rail above the dash and thick, wide bars are also ideal for mounting a satnav. To make the CB500X your own, optional extras include heated grips, a tall screen, magnetic tank bag, a top box and more.

Is the Honda CB500X worth buying in 2022?

When it comes to entry-level adventure-style motorcycles, the Honda CB500X is an amazing value at $7,199. The bike is more at home on the asphalt than the dirt, but is perfectly capable of tackling gravel roads too. For 2022, Honda upgraded the fork, braking system, and made a few other chassis-related improvements.

What are the new changes to the CB500X?

2022 CB500X Updates / Changes Quick Info | In short, here are all of the new changes to the CB500X: New Showa 41mm Separate Function Fork Big Piston (SFF-BP) USD forks, dual front disc brakes but it does not have radial-mounted calipers like the CBR500R and CB500F.

What is the difference between Honda CB400X and CB500X?

The 400X also rides on a smaller 17-inch front wheel instead of 19-inch alloys present in 500X. Like its 500cc counterpart, CB400X also gets LED position lights on both sides for added appeal.

Is the Honda CB500X the best do-it-all motorcycle in the world?

One of the best do-it-all motorcycles in the world just got a whole lot better. That’s because for 2022, our Honda CB500X features some big improvements. First up has to be the new inverted Showa SFF-BP fork and new dual-disc front brakes.

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