Hp spectre x360

hp spectre x360

What are the specs of the HP spectre x360?

Prepare to accomplish more than you ever thought possible with up to 16 hours 15 minutes of battery life 1, unrivaled performance from lightning fast 7th generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processors 2, up to 16GB of RAM, and faster PCIe storage 7. The new Spectre x360 has the power you need to take on the world. Intel Inside®.

Does the HP spectre x360 16 have USB-C ports?

Like past models, the Spectre x360 16 has ports on the corners: Thunderbolt 4 USB-C on the right (pictured) and a 3.5mm headset jack on the left. The 16-inch size is rare for a two-in-one and makes the Spectre x360 16 more of a desktop replacement than an ultraportable (it has the ports to accommodate a desk setup without a hub, too).

What is the Geekbench score of the Lenovo spectre x360?

For example, the Spectre x360 scored a 14,935 on the Geekbench 4.3 overall performance benchmark, which tops the category average (13,293) and the Yoga C930s (Core i7-8550U, 14,739) result, but falls short of what the MateBook 13 (Core i7-8565U, 17,214) and Gram 14 2-in-1 (Core i7-8565U, 15,943) achieved.

Whats new in the HP Spectre?

Prepare to accomplish more than you ever thought possible with HP Spectre. New! Includes 5G connectivity! Includes 5G connectivity! Intel® Core™ Processors.

Is the HP spectre x360 a good laptop?

It comes with a 2.2-GHz Intel Core i5-5200U CPU, and although i5 CPUs are known to be very good, the “U” series isn’t that good compared to a desktop version. HP Spectre x360 comes with Windows 8.1 installed, but you can always upgrade it to Windows 10, which we strongly recommend.

Is the HP Spectre getting a new processor?

The Spectre lineup includes some of HP’s best laptops, and it tends to get refreshed every time there’s new major hardware, such as a new generation of CPUs from Intel. However, nothing has been officially announced since Intel introduced Alder Lake CPUs, so you’ll need to wait a while longer if you want a newer version.

What does the new spectre x360 14 mean for the market?

The Spectre x360 14 not only introduced a new size, but a new form factor overall. The Spectre x360 14 comes with a 13.5-inch display, but unlike its siblings, it’s not using a 16:9 aspect ratio, it’s 3:2. This is a taller display that’s usually seen in Microsoft’s Surface line, and it gives you much more display area for content.

Are HP Spectre convertible laptops any good?

When it comes to Windows laptops, very few brands have the same reputation as the HP Spectre x360 line. This family of convertible laptops offers one of the most premium and beautiful designs you can find on a laptop, combined with high-end specs and portability.

The Spectre x360 16 is the most different of the family, featuring 35W Intel processors, dedicated NVIDIA graphics, and a new design that de-emphasizes the dual-tone look somewhat. Does the HP Spectre x360 come with Windows 11?

How good is the HP spectre x360 16-f0053na?

Is the HP spectre x360 the same as the Lenovo Yoga 9i?

Both the HP Spectre x360 13.5 and Lenovo Yoga 9i are fully modern laptops updated for 2022, and that means they both have Intel’s 12th-generation processors. However, that doesn’t mean they’re the same.

How do I use the Geekbench browser?

Use the Geekbench Browser to organize your Geekbench benchmark results and share them with other users around the world. Sign Up for an account to create a profile and save all of your benchmarks in one place. Browse the CPU results in the Geekbench Browser.

Where can I find the results of Geekbench 5?

Browse the CPU results in the Geekbench Browser. Browse the Compute results in the Geekbench Browser. View benchmarks from all our supported platforms. The data on these charts are gathered from user-submitted Geekbench 5 results.

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