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Who is Vander in League of Legends?

Arcane’s Vander is a former revolutionary who now serves as a father figure for four orphans, including Vi and Powder, that may have gone on to become a champion in League of Legends.

Is Vander Warwick in League of Legends?

Vander from Arcane may be a League of Legends champion we all know and Riot Games has foreshadowed it multiple times in the series. The lore entries for Warwick fall in line with Vanders storyline in Arcane Act 1. Riot has not officially confirmed Vander is Warwick yet but we may get teasers or a reveal in Act 3.

What is Vander’s deal with the Enforcers?

Beyond being a pub owner, Vander is clearly a man of influence and in episode 1 we learn of his pact with Grayson, a prominent figure in the Enforcers, the civil force charged with maintaining order in Piltover. Their agreement is that Vander will be left in peace so long as he keeps the undercity under control.

What happened to Vander’s past in ‘Lion’ season 1?

Over the course of the first three episodes, fans are shown the childhoods of Vi and Powder, who goes on to become LoL champion Jinx, two young Zaunite orphans living in the undercity under the iron fist of Piltover. During the first act, Vander’s brutal past is revealed including his near-murder of fellow rebel Silco.

The League of Legends community has already formed some theories based on Arcane Act 1’s episodes. Some fans are suggesting that Arcane’s Vander is actually League of Legends’ Warwick. Who is Vander in League of Legends Arcane? Vander is Vi and Powder’s (young Jinx) foster father.

Is Vander Warwick before he becomes a Lycan?

How would Vander have an impact on VI?

Ultimately, Vander would have a large impact on Vi, as his teachings would continue to influence her long after his death. After his failing uprising, Vander adopted Powder as his own daughter and taught her to both live a better life and be a better person than himself.

What happens to the Enforcers in Zaun?

The enforcers Marcus and Grayson are not late to appear, however. Although Vander is unwilling to let them arrest Vi, the Council demands flesh. Vander surrenders to the police as per the deal, endowing second-in-command Benzo with the duty of keeping Zaun safe.

Who is Vander and what is his message?

Dont ever lose it, no matter how the world tries to break you. Vander was a Zaunite bartender and the adoptive father of Vi and Jinx.

How would you describe Vander Vander in real life?

[4] Vander was a large and muscular middle-aged man with grey eyes, dark hair, and a neatly trimmed greying beard. He was generally seen wearing blue trousers, leather boots, a brown leather jacket over a white undershirt, and a leather pauldron on his upper right arm to cover up the scar that he got from Silco when he was young.

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