Things to do in faro

things to do in faro

What are the best things to do in Porto, Portugal?

Things to do in Porto, Portugal. Admire the Painted Tiles (Azulejos) Climb the Clerigos tower. Stroll along Cais da Ribeira. Take a lift with the Funicular dos Guindais. Cross the Luis I bridge. Ride the scenic cable car in Gaia. Discover Porto wine cellars. Visit one of the city’s green parks.

Where to see Portos best museums?

Meanwhile, artsy types can see paintings, sculptures and more at the Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis or the Serralves Foundations contemporary art museum. This iconic arching iron bridge straddles the Douro River, connecting Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia.

What is the history of Estádio do Dragão in Porto?

Estádio do Dragão opened in 2003 and replaced Estádio das Antas as the home of FC Porto. It hosted its first game on the 16th of November 2003 when Barcelona turned up for a friendly against the hosts. That was also the match that set the attendance record in the group of a sell-out match for 52,000 people.

What is the name of Portos Football Stadium?

Eventually Estádio do Dragão (Dragon Stadium) won the vote, celebrating the creature from FC Portos crest. The club had arguments for it, being the major investor of the building.

What to expect at Estádio do Dragão?

Estádio do Dragão isn’t one of the newest stadiums in Portugal but the facilities are what you’d expect from a top-class side’s stadium. There are all of the usual places to buy food and drink as well as plenty of toilets and large atriums to hang around on before the game.

What is the history of the Dragon Stadium in Barcelona?

Called the Dragon Stadium when translated to English, the ground was designed by the Portuguese architect Manuel Salgado and witnessed it’s first match on the 16th of November 2003 when Barcelona played a friendly match against Porto.

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