What does Essaouira mean?

Essaouira ( Arabic: الصويرة ‎; Berber: Taṣṣort or Amegdul; Portuguese: Mogador) is a city in the western Moroccan region of Me

When is the best time to visit Essaouira?

A cool breeze blows all year, making it an ideal place for kite surfers and for anyone looking to escape the intense heat in Marrakech. Summer is an ideal time to visit Essaouira but it will be crowded with foreigners and Moroccans attempting to find respite from farther inland.

What language is spoken in Essaouira Morocco?

There are a number of languages spoken in Morocco but the two official languages are Modern Standard Arabic and Amazigh (Berber). The second (or third) language for most Moroccans is French. You’ll also find that many people speak at least a little English. Cash is king in Essaouira (and all of Morocco for that matter).

Why choose Essaouira for your anchorages?

The bay at Essaouira is partially sheltered by the island of Mogador, making it a peaceful harbor protected against strong marine winds. Essaouira has long been considered one of the best anchorages of the Moroccan coast.

What is the history of Essaouira?

The present city of Essaouira was built during the mid-eighteenth century by the Moroccan King. Mohammed III tried to reorient his kingdom toward the Atlantic for increased exchanges with European powers, choosing Mogador as his key location.

What is the etymology of Essaoui?

Name and etymology. The name of the city is usually spelled Essaouira in Latin script, and الصويرة in Arabic script. Both spellings represent its name in Moroccan Arabic, ṣ-Ṣwiṛa. This is the diminutive (with definite article) of the noun ṣuṛ which means wall (as round a yard, city), rampart.

What is the significance of Essouira in Morocco?

In the 19th century, Essaouira became the first seaport of Morocco, with trade volumes about double those of Rabat. The city functioned as the harbour for Marrakesh, as it was only a few days from the inland city. Diplomatic and trade representations were established by European powers in Essouira.

What does Es Saouira stand for?

Originally called Souira (the small fortress), the name became Es-Saouira (the beautifully designed). Thédore Cornut designed and built the city itself, particularly the Kasbah area, corresponding to the royal quarters and the buildings for Christian merchants and diplomats.

What language is spoken in Morocco?

Moroccan Arabic (known as Darija) is the spoken native vernacular. The languages of prestige in Morocco are Arabic in its Classical and Modern Standard Forms and French, the latter of which serves as a second language for many Moroccans. ... Berber, along with Moroccan Arabic, is one of two languages spoken in homes and on the street.

Is Essaouira in Morocco or Morocco?

From 1912 to 1956, Essaouira was part of the French protectorate of Morocco. Mogador was used as a base for a military expedition against Dar Anflous, when 8,000 French troops were located outside the city under the orders of Generals Franchet dEsperey and Brulard.

What is the weather like in Essaouira?

Essaouiras climate is semi-arid (BSk) bordering a warm summer Mediterranean one (Csb) with mild temperatures year round. The gap between highs and lows is small and summers are warm while winters are mild. Annual rainfall is usually 300 to 500 millimetres (12 to 20 in).

How many people speak Berber in Morocco?

To this day, approximately 40% of all Moroccans speak these dialects. There are three main Berber dialects that dominate in Morocco and these differ fundamentally from the Arabic language: Tarifit is spoken in the North, Tamazight in the centre of the country and Taschelhit in the South.

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